Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript - Patriots at Bengals

Ian Logue
October 06, 2013 at 04:55pm ET

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On the fact they've been depleted on offense and trying to function with different working parts:

"It wasn't our best day execution[wise]  today.  I thought we, we certainly had some opportunities there in the first half that we didn't take advantage of.  We just had too many times where negative play and [it] really took us out of field position.  It just wasn't very good execution and hopefully... It's a very good defense, I give them a lot of credit, they put a lot of pressure on you in a lot of areas.  So our execution needed to be really good and it just wasn't."

On the noise, if that was an issue communication-wise:

"Yeah, it's always something that we're trying to handle on the road.  They do a pretty good job of disguising blitzes and so forth, and they got us a few times today.  Certainly there in the second half and the forth quarter.   But we had plenty of opportunity and chances in the red area to get it in, we didn't get it in. It was just a poor performance all around."

On how much of a factor the rain was on the last couple of drives:

"Well, I mean it's rain, so it is what it is.  I mean you've got to deal with whatever conditions are out there and we just didn't do a very good job executing in them."

On how it affects what he does with his grip and throwing the ball:

"We try to practice that way, so you do the best you can."

On the fact Logan Mankins felt like the offense let the defense down and if he feels the same way:

"Well, they've been playing great all year.  You can't kick two field goals and expect to win many games in the NFL.  So we can do a lot better job than that.  We're going to have to if we want to win these games.  We just can't ... silly execution errors and mental mistakes ...  it's hard to drive the ball down the field if you're always making mistakes."

On the drive when they got down to the one yard line and why it stalled out:

"Well, we tried a goal line run, they did a good job stopping us.  Then we had a goal line pass, and they stopped that one, and it came down to a third down play and we were close, we just didn't quite execute it the way we needed to.  That's the way these games are.  It comes down to a few plays.  If you make them, you put points on the board, if you don't make them, you kick field goals and certainly red area was a big difference today."

On his thoughts on the end of his touchdown pass streak at 52 straight games:

"I'm bummed we lost, I think that's all that really matters."

On the Bengals' front four and how much they disrupted his timing:

"They've got a good rush.  I said earlier in the week how capable all those guys are in rushing the quarterback and forcing you into some quick throws, throws you don't want to make and that's why they're a good defense. Because they rush, they cover, they've got good athletic linebackers, so you need to stay balanced against a team like that.  Like I said, we had our opportunities, we just couldn't take advantage of them."

On the fact he said they had mistakes and if any of them were his and if so, which ones:

"There was plenty from the quarterback stand point.  I mean there's a lot of things I can do better, so I'll work on those things this week and see if I can do better next week."

On if there was anything specific:

"I mean it's always ... things you wish you had done a little different.   Missed reads and trying to find guys that are open and make the plays.  That's what the quarterback's job is."