Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 08, 2013 at 05:21pm ET

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Here's the complete transcript from Tom Brady's press conference following their win over the Bills on Sunday:

On the fact it wasn't pretty, but he'll take it:

"I'll take it.  Opening day, and on the road in a tough environment.  We didn't execute great, but we made some really clutch plays when we needed to so it was an all around team effort.  I know we talked a little bit last night about whatever the situation is, we've got to make the critical plays.  We got a stop on defense, drove the ball down, got in field goal position and made the kick.  So [it was] great situational football.

On how critical it was that the defense got the ball back for them:

"We put them in some pretty rough situations with the turnovers, so that's something we've got to do a better job of on offense, taking care of the ball.  But I was impressed with the way the defense hung in there and battled all day.  Offensively, we hung in there and battled and just made enough plays when we needed to.

On what happened on the snap he fumbled:

"I don't know, we'll have to see the film on that one.  But I wish it was a touchdown, seven points is a lot to give up at that point, so that was a very critical situation and we need to do a better job of executing."

On the fact they stuck with going to Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen on that final drive:

"Well, [they're] two great play makers for us.  Guys that have earned really a lot of trust in the coaching staff and me so they get themselves in the right position, they make the critical plays, it was great to be in the huddle with them."

On the fact Amendola battled through his injury and came back out to help them in the second half:

"He really toughed it out, which was pretty impressive.  He fought all day.   We've got a whole team full of fighters.  I think there's going to be some ugly wins, but we're always going to fight and we're just going to fight today and it's not an easy place to play.  We've always had tough games up here.  It's a very hostile crowd.  They make you earn it on defense and we made just enough plays to win."

On in the huddle when they had to make that conversion on that final drive if there was any doubt they'd get it done?

"I didn't have a lot of doubt.  I felt like that's what we were capable of doing and we had got the ball down in the red area a few times and didn't get any points out of it.  So it wasn't really as much moving the ball, it was just not being consistent enough to score points.  So in order to score points you have to either make a big play, or string a bunch of good plays together.  We didn't make many big plays today, and as we were stringing them together sometimes we just made our own mistakes that caused us to end drives, especially the turnovers.  But we can do a better job and we're going to obviously learn a lot from this game and then try to come back on a short week against the Jets."

On how much of their difficulty on Sunday stemmed from getting more acclimated to the new players:

"Yeah, this is our first opportunity so things are a lot different on the game field.  Things are very unpredictable on the game field, there's nothing you can talk about, you're just trying to react.  So you've got to build confidence in each other and then go out there and make the plays if you can.  It was a good experience, a good learning experience, all these games are going to be tough.  This was as tough as you're going to make down to the last play."

On whether or not with these new receivers if the games are going to come down to the final quarter more than once this season:

"I think we have a long way to go.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us.  We've got to prove it week in, and week out.  I'm glad we started with a win, I mean winning feels a hell of a lot better than losing.  I don't think our execution was flawless by any stretch.  We had a lot of mistakes, and we've got to get a lot better."

On Danny Amendola's contributions:

"I mean he played...gave everything he got, so that's all you can ask.  Who knew what to expect when he came out there in the second half?  I thought he was going to be out for the rest of the game.  He showed a lot of  toughness, mental and physical, and made really the plays of the game for us along with Julian [Edelman], Shane [Vereen], offensive line played great, ran a bunch of plays on opening day.  So it's a short turnaround, hopefully we can get some good night rest and start getting ready for the Jets tomorrow."