(Here’s the transcript from Ryan Mallett’s post game press conference)

On the fact he said after the Tampa Bay game that sometimes it takes a while for him to get going, but that wasn’t the case tonight:

“I thought we came out and moved the ball well. ¬†Had a few missed opportunities on the first two third downs that we could have easily completed. ¬†The first two drives I felt good, felt comfortable, just have to convert on 3rd down”

On the fact he looked excited on Tim Tebow and¬†Quentin¬†Sims’ touchdown:

“Those are my teammates. ¬†You know, Quentin made a great catch and then made a great run. ¬†Tim, you know, he had the ‘boo birds’ out the play before, and then he comes back and throws a touchdown, it just shows what kind of player he is, his character. ¬†It was a great throw and a great play overall.”

On if Tebow deserves to be on this team:

“There’s a lot of guys that deserve to be on this team. ¬†Everybody’s been working hard and that’s not up to me, that’s Bill [Belichick]’s decision so you should ask him that.”

On the fact you even saw defensive players coming up to Tebow after the touchdown:

“We’re a pretty close knit team all the way around. ¬†That’s what makes our team great to be on, great to be a part of, is how close we are. ¬†We’re never not cheering for our teammates, that doesn’t make much sense to us.”

On the biggest thing he feels he’s shown this preseason:

“I felt good, I felt in command of the offense, made a few plays, missed a few that I should have made but that just comes with playing more.”

On if the speed of the game has slowed down for him:

“Like I said, I feel comfortable with it. ¬†If I get called on, I’ll be ready.”

On the touchdown pass to Josh Boyce:

“Josh ran a great route. I wasn’t even looking to his side at first, the ¬†coverage took me over there and he went and made a great play. ¬†I had all day to throw the ball, so it couldn’t be drawn up any better than that.”

On if he thought he over threw him:

“Josh is a fast, fast player. ¬†I didn’t think I over threw him, I was hoping I threw it far enough.”