Ryan Mallett's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
August 30, 2013 at 12:08am ET

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(Here's the transcript from Ryan Mallett's post game press conference)

On the fact he said after the Tampa Bay game that sometimes it takes a while for him to get going, but that wasn't the case tonight:

"I thought we came out and moved the ball well.  Had a few missed opportunities on the first two third downs that we could have easily completed.  The first two drives I felt good, felt comfortable, just have to convert on 3rd down"

On the fact he looked excited on Tim Tebow and Quentin Sims' touchdown:

"Those are my teammates.  You know, Quentin made a great catch and then made a great run.  Tim, you know, he had the 'boo birds' out the play before, and then he comes back and throws a touchdown, it just shows what kind of player he is, his character.  It was a great throw and a great play overall."

On if Tebow deserves to be on this team:

"There's a lot of guys that deserve to be on this team.  Everybody's been working hard and that's not up to me, that's Bill [Belichick]'s decision so you should ask him that."

On the fact you even saw defensive players coming up to Tebow after the touchdown:

"We're a pretty close knit team all the way around.  That's what makes our team great to be on, great to be a part of, is how close we are.  We're never not cheering for our teammates, that doesn't make much sense to us."

On the biggest thing he feels he's shown this preseason:

"I felt good, I felt in command of the offense, made a few plays, missed a few that I should have made but that just comes with playing more."

On if the speed of the game has slowed down for him:

"Like I said, I feel comfortable with it.  If I get called on, I'll be ready."

On the touchdown pass to Josh Boyce:

"Josh ran a great route. I wasn't even looking to his side at first, the  coverage took me over there and he went and made a great play.  I had all day to throw the ball, so it couldn't be drawn up any better than that."

On if he thought he over threw him:

"Josh is a fast, fast player.  I didn't think I over threw him, I was hoping I threw it far enough."