Rough Night for Patriots QB Tim Tebow

Ian Logue
August 10, 2013 at 09:27am ET

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Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow found himself with an early entrance Friday night thanks to Ryan Mallett taking a huge shot toward the end of the second quarter, which knocked him from the game.

Tebow had a rough outing Friday night against the Eagles.

Tebow played the entire second half and struggled quite a bit, finishing the night 4-of-12 (33%) for just 55 yards and was sacked 3 times.  He was inconsistent at best, and his final "pass" of the game will be one that will be talked about over the next week after he made an ill-advised pitch that wasn't near its mark before it rolled out of bounds.

He continues to battle an issue that has plagued him so far during training camp, and that's his indecisiveness, which was a problem for him again on Friday night.  One area that drives head coach Bill Belichick crazy is a negative play to start a drive, and Tebow had two first down sacks which put them in long yardage situations twice heading into second down.  That generally makes it tough to get things going and it's clear he still has a lot of work ahead of him.

Here's a quick look at his performance by down:

First down: 0-for-2, 2 sacks/-13 yards
Second Down: 3-of-7 (43%) for 47 yards
Third Down: 1-of-3 (33%) for 8 yards, 1 sack/-10 yards

He did manage to have some success running the ball, carrying 4 times for 31 yards including 2 first downs.

When asked about Tebow's performance after the game, Belichick wouldn't comment about him directly and simply said that everyone could have done a better job.

"We did some good things out there, it was far from perfect.  We can all learn from it, we're going to learn from it and we'll all improve it.  I think that's true of myself, the coaches, the players.   I think we played competitively, but we all make mistakes out there and there are things that we can learn from."