Fans Express Frustration With Tim Tebow at Patriots Practice

Ian Logue
July 27, 2013 at 04:59pm ET

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Tim Tebow may be used to fans who think he can't do anything wrong and have clamoured for him to "just be given a chance" as a quarterback, but here in New England he's finding out that despite his bizarre rock star status, things are a little tougher than he may be used to.

According to the Boston Globe's Shalise Manza Young, during a drill on Saturday Tebow found himself struggling to find an open man and held the ball for over 10 seconds. That ended up drawing the ire of fans who were on hand who began chanting, "Brady, Brady!"

It's just a reminder of who rules this town, and Tebow is on the field alongside a player who is light years ahead of the former Florida standout's previous competition. It's also pretty obvious that he's no where near where he needs to be in terms of playing at the level of one of the NFL's best quarterbacks.

The good news for Tebow is that Brady isn't Kyle Orton, nor is he Mark Sanchez. So hopefully being around an elite player will make him better. However, on this football team perfection is something that is demanded by not only the coaches and players, but also the fans and this morning may end up being just a glimpse of what he'll be facing in the weeks ahead.

So far through the first two days it's been a bumpy start and he's struggled early on. Hearing the fans express their frustration is probably something he's not quite used to, and it appears he still has plenty of work ahead of him.