Bad News For Dennard - Patriots Defensive Back Found Guilty of Assaulting Police Officer

Ian Logue
February 20, 2013 at 12:36pm ET

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The Patriots just suffered a huge blow after the Lincoln Journal reported that a jury of four men and eight women has found defensive back Alfonzo Dennard guilty of assaulting an officer, a felony, and resisting arrest.

According to the report it appears that prison time could be ahead for Dennard, who will be sentenced April 11.  He faces as much as six years.

That's a tough loss for the New England secondary as Dennard was the bright spot for them down the stretch during their playoff run.  Unfortunately a night where he made some bad decisions first caused him to drop to the seventh round of the draft, and now it may have also potentially cost him time off his NFL career.

Dennard started seven games for the Patriots last season and finished with three interceptions and seemed to be poised to become a full time starter in 2013.

The bad news now is things have certainly changed depending on what happens when Dennard learns his fate.   If nothing else also points out he'll likely face a suspension by the league.

Needless to say if the Patriots thought they had secondary issues to address before, after this news, they definitely have yet another problem to deal with in the coming months.