Bill Belichick's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
January 20, 2013 at 11:36pm ET

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“Obviously a disappointing end to an overall pretty positive season. But tonight we just didn’t do enough things well enough to win. Give the Ravens credit, they’re a good football team. They just outplayed us and outcoached us tonight. Just made more plays than we did and that’s pretty much the story.”

On the changes the Ravens made in the second half that made things more difficult for them to score points:

“They did a good job. I wouldn’t say there was anything that they didn’t do in the first half, they just did a better job than we did.”

On how the injury to Aqib Talib affected their plans on defense:

“We had to make some adjustments. We lost Kyle [Love],we lost Talib…”

On if he was disappointed in their pass rush:

“Well, I just don’t think anything was really as good as it needed to be tonight. Gave up too many points, didn’t score enough, so… I’d say we probably came up a little short in every area.”

On how disappointed he is hat they measure success in winning championships, yet they haven’t won a Super Bowl in eight years:

“I don’t know. Just focused on this game.”

On his thoughts on the Ridley fumble and whether not he thought Ridley was down:

“It was the official’s call.”

On his thoughts on the call:

“It’s their call. They ruled it a turnover so it’s an official review – it’s not anything I can do.”

On if he had a chance to see the replay and his thoughts on the result:

“It doesn’t make any difference. The officials call the game.”

On if he thought Welker’s third down drop changed the game:

“Well, there’s a lot of plays in the game. There’s a lot of things that we could’ve done better – all of us. So I guess that it just really wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t as good as the Ravens tonight. So that’s why they’re moving on and we’re not. They were just better than we were in really everything.”

On how disappointed that he was that they didn’t take advantage of the field position that they had and the Ravens didn’t have in the first half:

“We are obviously disappointed that we didn’t win. I said that right off the bat. We’re disappointed in the results. What else do you want me to say?”

On how big he felt the field position was in the first half

“I don’t know. It was certainly to our advantage. We had a 13-7 lead. But look, we missed a lot of opportunities tonight. We were 1-for-3 in the red area, couldn’t stop them in the red area. So like I said, we gave up too many points and didn’t score enough.”

On how losing Talib early in the game affected what they wanted to do defensively and if it had any effect on the game plan:

“We had to make some adjustments, yes.”

On if he wanted to match up Talib on a particular receiver in the game and couldn’t do it after he got hurt:

“We had to make some adjustments on what we were doing. When Kyle went out, and when Talib without, we had to make some adjustments there. But I mean, that’s the National Football League.”

On what happened on the last drive in the first half and the fact by the time they got back to the line of scrimmage they only had four seconds left:

“Because if we had snapped the ball and run the play I think if we hadn’t scored, we wouldn’t of had time to get another play off. So we wanted to take the three points.”

On if there was any thought of calling in the immediate timeout after Tom Brady slid:

“Well, not really because I thought we could get up there and, whatever, we wanted to try and get up there and clock it and have time to run a play and have the timeout to kick the field goal. So no, not really. I guess if we had known that it would’ve taken as long as it did to get the football finally clocked, but then we didn’t get a great look on the play. Tom actually called timeout at the same time I did, so we just didn’t have it.”

On if they made any adjustments in the second half that hurt them offensively:

“Did they make any?”


“No, I thought they pretty much played what they played in the second half, that’s what they played in the first half.”

On his thoughts on their run game tonight:

“I think everything could’ve been a little better. That’s the bottom line. Nothing was really good enough. A lot of things were okay. It was competitive, but it wasn’t just as good as the Ravens tonight in any area. So we just came up short.”

On the punt from the 35 if there is any thought about going for a field goal and if the wind influence the decision:

“No. There was no thought of kicking a field goal.”