WBZ Interview With Derrick Martin - Transcript

Ian Logue
December 30, 2012 at 09:25pm ET

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Steve Burton interviewed Derrick Martin during the 5th Quarter following Sunday's win over the Dolphins, and here's a transcript of the interview:

First of all, seven sacks on the day and you got one, so congratulations on that.  How sweet was this victory?

“It was great. Coach wanted us to get out there and start fast and we were able to do that. We started fast on offense, defense and special teams and then we finished strong.”

This defense didn’t start out so great earlier in the year, but you weren’t here. Derrick Martin didn’t even get here until, what, week eight?

“Week eight.”

And they had to call you where?

“I was at the house, man [Laughs].”

Let me explain Derrick Martin’s situation [looks at the camera]. He’s been in the NFL for seven years and each year he’s gone to the playoffs, how lucky is that?

“I’ve been real lucky. I’ve been blessed with being on great teams, good quarterbacks, good coaches, gets you to the playoffs.”

Right timing?

“Right timing [nods].”

But you were at home when the Patriots called?

“Yeah, definitely. Nick [Caserio] gave me a call and called me out.  I was out here for Training Camp and I guess they liked what I did a little bit, they were able to bring me back.”

And you were with the Giants last year, we won’t go there [smiles].  But you were there and all of a sudden you guys win it all and…

“Yeah man, I’ve been getting used to it. I like winning, I was in Green Bay the year before that, the Giants last year, the Patriots this year. Good coach, good quarterback, the sky’s the limit.”

How far do you think this football team can go and before you even answer that question, did you know that you were up for a first-round bye before this game even started?

“We were aware, but we focused on the next game, the next team ahead. We can go as far as we can and as far as the team takes us. We’re going to show up next week for whoever plays us, going to try to beat them first. That’s how you’ve got to do it, take it one step at a time.”

Do you think this defense is peaking right at the right time?

“Definitely man. We got a good defense. Everybody’s covering good, the rushers are rushing well….”

Yeah, I mentioned seven sacks that means that’s good coverage in the backfield?

“Definitely good coverage. The young guys are stepping up, Justin Francis had three.”

Undrafted rookie mind you, Justin Francis.

“Trevor Scott had one, so the young guys are stepping up and he was able to call my number couple of times and was able to sneak me in there and get me one.”

What did Belichick say to this team after the game? Because he comes to the podium, you don’t get a chance to see has postgame pressers, and he just down plays everything. But in that locker room, what’s he telling you guys?

“Pretty much the same thing he told you guys, ‘You guys did a good job, were going to come out here Monday and we’re going to talk about what happened, be ready for next week’.”

So even though it is a bye, you still have to come back to work tomorrow, you don’t even get tomorrow off?

“We’ll be here. We’ve got to see what we did wrong on film. It was a good game, but there were some mistakes, some down plays, and we’ve just got to shore up on those things and make sure we’re ready for whoever comes out here.”

What was it like to get Gronk back in the lineup?

“Oh man, it’s great. He’s a huge target and Tom [Brady] loves him. Whenever he can throw the ball anywhere over there and he can catch the ball, that’s awesome.”

And it was good to see him find the end zone again.