Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 30, 2012 at 08:26pm ET

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On the fact they shut out the Dolphins and ended up with a first-round bye:

“Yeah, it was kind of a late Christmas present so, we accept.”

On what it was like having Gronkowski back:

“Yeah, he made a couple of big catches. It’s nice to get him back in the flow of things. We used everybody so it was exciting to have everybody out there at once for the first time all season. So we’ll use the bye, hopefully come back strong in a couple weeks.”

On the fact he was a little cranky last week during his press conference and if it’s a little different this week and if he’s happy with the execution in the elements:

“Yeah, it was tough out there, it was cold and pretty windy. We handled it better than the Dolphins most importantly.”

On when he found out that the Colts had beaten the Texans:

“When we came in after pregame warm-ups,”

On if there was much said about it:

“Not really. Coach Belichick said, ‘Look, the only people that can improve our position is us. So regardless of what anyone else does, we have to win,’ and that’s what we did.”

On if his performance makes him feel like their close to where they want to be heading into the playoffs:

“Well, we’ve won 10 of 11 so it’s pretty good. We were 2-3 at one point, which [we] had some tough games early in the year and winning 10 of 11 and the only loss was against a pretty good football team where we turned it over four times. So if we don’t turn it over four times I like our chances.

On how much he’s learned about this team the season and how much more he thinks he still needs to find out:

“We’re just going to keep battling. I think that’s why you play them all. You don’t make, at the halfway point… you know, at Thanksgiving, you kind of see where the teams are positioned but you got to play all sixteen. You put them all together you see where you stand and we compete against everybody so we’ll take our time to get some guys healed up and then hopefully get ready to go when we find out whoever we play.”

On some of the things there able to do when they have everyone in the offense on the field compared to when they had guys out:

“Well, just to use their different skill sets. Those guys, Gronk got a big Touchdown, Aaron [Hernandez] caught some pretty critical first down plays. Those are very flexible guys.  [Michael Hoomanawanui] and Daniel [Fells] played a big role so all four tight ends played, the receivers all played, it was good to see.”