Bill Belichick Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 23, 2012 at 05:10pm ET

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“Okay, well it’s always good to win. We kind of got off to a slow start here, but I thought we were able to make some plays to get back in the game right before the half, and then to take the lead in the third quarter or right at the start of the third quarter, fourth quarter. We had a couple good stops defensively at the end of the game. There’s always more work to do and we have another week to work on things before we get into the playoffs. Hopefully we can continue to make progress and be ready next week.”

On his thoughts on the defense especially in the final seconds:

“Well I mean we had some pressure, I thought we had pretty good coverage. We don’t really want to put ourselves in that situation but fortunately we were able to bail out of it.  We’ve had a couple of those, we had one in the Denver game in a similar situation.  They stepped up and made the plays and those were the plays we need to make to win and defensively I think we made them.  We had good compound coverage prior to that, knocked the ball out, we might have had a shot at that one but we didn’t. But we had decent field position on defense and they just didn’t have enough time to get it down.

On the injuries in the secondary and the play of Marquice Cole:

“He did a good job.  Marquice played inside on the nickel position for us, Devin [McCourty], we moved him back outside, Patrick [Chung], Tavon [Wilson] played inside.  So we had some moving parts there in the secondary but overall it looked like we held up O.K.”

On if it’s a challenge trying to find the best combination back there on defense:

“Not really. I mean those guys have all played there all year.  Cole’s played in the slot all year, Devin’s played outside so that wasn’t a big thing, Kyle [Arrington]…so no not really.  They’ve all done that.”

On his thoughts about the start that they got off to:

“It’s obviously not what we want.”

On if it surprised him:

“They gave us a little different approach offensively. I don’t think…you know, we made some adjustments once we kind of saw what they were doing. I think our players and coaches, we all got a better look at it. They did a good job starting the game off with a little different style and they were able to get the advantage on us but I think eventually we settled down and handled it.”

On his thoughts on the penalty of Patrick Chung:

“I don’t know. I think I’ll have to take a closer look at it. I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know what he could’ve done. I don’t know.”

On the fact it looked like Tom Brady was taking a lot of shots at the end, and if he’s concerned about the hits accumulating on him:

“Well, always try to…I mean we don’t design any plays for that.  We always try to protect the quarterback.  But that’s part of football.  Guys get hit."