FILM REVIEW: Spotlight on a Creative Third Down Pressure by 49ers

Ian Logue
December 17, 2012 at 10:00pm ET

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As mentioned in this other film review entry, third down was a big problem in the first half last night and the fact the 49ers were able to create pressure using just four guys up front was obviously an issue.

While the other one pointed out a match-up where Dan Connolly just got beat by Ray McDonald, San Francisco was creative with some of the things they did with moving around Aldon Smith, which is highlighted on this 3rd and 8 play early in the first quarter at midfield.


On this play you can see Aldon Smith (circled) lining up on the end. They're going to have him wait for half a second for Justin Smith to tie up Nate Solder and Logan Mankins, and then Smith is going to slide down and come in past Mankins spot at left guard.


In this frame you can see Aldon Smith come in behind Justin Smith, who is now engaged with Mankins and Solder. He's going to slip in behind Mankins and make a bee-line for Brady.


In this frame Mankins obviously spots what they're up to and tries to reach back to slow him down but Smith is already past him and has Brady in his sights. At this point Brady has no time to get the ball off to Danny Woodhead (breaking on the right hand side), or Wes Welker who is actually open outside this frame and would have been the guy Brady would have likely hit for a first down.


In this frame Smith grabs Brady and he's forced to just throw it away. It's one of many creative things San Francsico did Sunday night, and there were quite a few instances for much of the evening where they were able to do similar things which gave them problems.