Bill Belichick's Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 17, 2012 at 12:49am ET

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“Obviously we just didn't do anything well enough tonight to win.  It starts with me.  Didn’t do a good job of coaching.  We didn’t coach well, we didn’t play well.  Weren’t good on offense, weren’t good on defense, weren’t good enough on special teams.  They just did a better job than we did.  I think we’ve got to perform better than that. We didn’t, so… That’s the result. We just didn’t do a good job tonight, it’s as simple as that.”

On how much of a debate they had regarding the 4th down they had with two timeouts left:

“None.  We had none.”

On what they were thinking in that situation:

“Yeah, well it was 4th and two.”

On his thoughts on the turnovers and whether it had to do with the weather conditions or a lack of concentration:

“We just didn’t do a good job of taking care of the ball.”

On when they had the first down at the 38 yard line and they went with an all out blitz, what his thinking was on that play:

“We had run that call several times during the game.  We just obviously didn’t play it well.”

On his thoughts on Kaepernick:

“They won, give them credit.  I’m more worried about our team.  You can talk to Jim [Harbaugh] about his team.  We just didn’t do a good enough job.”

On the fact they came back from a deficit that they created themselves:

“We did some things that were all right tonight, but not enough of them.  We made too many mistakes and it was just too much…we did to too many things that weren’t good.”

On the fact the 49ers did a pretty good job against them in the running game and if there was anything in particular that they were doing:

“I don’t think so.”

On the confusion in the first half on the punt  where a holding call was made and if the officials explained it to him adequately:

“Yes, [official Ed Hochuli] absolutely did, yes.  ”

On if he was comfortable with how it was assessed:

“Yes, absolutely.  Without a question.”

On the fact he didn’t look happy:

“Well there was some confusion on the play, but Ed explained exactly what happened, I totally understand his explanation and I have no problem with the play.”

On the fact they lost a timeout because they had to challenge it, yet they had to remark where the ball was supposed to go:

“That isn’t the explanation that he gave me. I don’t think your accurate on that. I think you should talk to Ed about it and let him explain it to you and that would probably be a lot easier than me trying to do it.”

On the fact he was satisfied with the outcome:

“Yes, absolutely.  There’s no issue with that.  I mean it was an unusual play, there was some confusion on it and I didn’t really understand totally until after the challenge, after he came out and explained it. But really what it all washed out, it was what it was and I think they finally got it right and Ed explained the whole situation. I think they did a good job.”

On if the hold was on them:

“No, it wasn’t on us.”

On if the fact they’ve played at such a high level for so long makes up for what happened tonight and if the edge was taken off by the come back they were able to make:

“We’ll just keep playing.”

On the fact that after tonight’s loss there’s a good chance they’ll have to play on the road in the second round of the playoffs and if he’s thinking about that:

“Right now we’re thinking about Jacksonville right now.  That’s the next team on our schedule.”