Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 18, 2012 at 09:23pm ET

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That was a big-time win:

“That was awesome. It was a fun day, that was a team win. We got contributions from all three units. They’re 6-3 and we knew our mental toughness would be tested and I thought our guys responded.”

On the play of Julian Edelman

“I think that’s team football, that’s what it’s about. Julian’s been dying to get out there make plays and he certainly did today we needed it. Next week, it could be someone else.”

On the fact that they moved up Rob Gronkowski around quite a bit and he was able to get free releases and whether that he was shocked by that:

“Yeah we got some good matchups out there so I try to take advantage of those where we could and I thought of missed a few other opportunities where I could’ve had them. It’s a short week, quick turnaround, and we’ve got to get started on the Jets.”

On how hard it was to sit down for most of the first half:

“I’ll take it if we’re scoring. It didn’t matter much, the punt return for the touchdown, the interception return for the touchdown, that was awesome. When you get those type of plays, I mean those are game changing plays I remember too many times where we’ve lost games when we’ve gotten returns for touchdowns.”

On his thoughts on the offensive line:

“It was a great effort. It starts of those guys and when they play well, we play well. The way they were blocking up front in the running game, the passing game, I was able to make my reads, make my throws. Our receivers were really doing a great job of getting open. So that’s what we needed. It was a defense that’s very unique that puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line and our guys really stepped up.”

On the fact there was no real drop-off when Donald Thomas and Nick McDonald stepped in:

“They’re coached very hard and I think the expectations are for the position and not necessarily for the players. So whenLogan’s not in there you’ve got a go in there and play likeLogan. So hopefully we get healthy at some point but until then, that’s why there’s 53 guys on the roster. Each of those guys can really step in when they need to.”

On the play of Rob Gronkowski and why teams don’t double him:

“Well, they try. I think it’s definitely something they try, it’s just hard because, ‘O.K., do you want to blitz, do not want to blitz, do you…’ You know, when you’re a tight end you’re really in the inside part of the field and you can run basically anywhere you want. It’s not like you’re an outside receiver where your route has to complement other people’s routes. As a tight end you go right, left, deep, short, you can really do whatever you want. Then the more guys you put on them, the less there is on Wes [Welker], the less guys you’ve got rushing, the less guys there are on Brandon [Lloyd], Julian [Edelman]. I mean that’s why it’s team football.”

On if he feels that they have an answer for whatever the defenses can throw at them:

"I think were trying to make improvements. I don't think we're anywhere where we need to be at this point. We've got a lot of football left and this Thursday's going to be a big game so we look forward to it."