Tom Brady's Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
October 28, 2012 at 06:32pm ET

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NOTE: It was very difficult to hear the questions due to the audio from the television broadcast, but here is the transcript from Brady's responses:

On his performance on the afternoon:

“That was a fun day for us offensively. We played pretty well there in the first half and made some plays there in the third quarter, and the fourth quarter, we put it away.  So it was great to come on a trip like this and put everything into it. We’ve got the bye week next week. It’s a good feeling. I’m sure guys will have fun tonight.”

On Rob Gronkowski’s touchdown spikes:

“I don’t know what the hell he was doing that first time but…”

The changing of the guard

“Is that what it was? I was trying to get out of the way so he wouldn’t get find. But yeah, he needs some work on that.”

On what it’s like to play there:

“This is a great venue. This is a beautiful stadium. I know how historical it is, it’s a great atmosphere for football so I hope they enjoyed the game today, all the fans, I know it got out of hand there but that’s how the Patriots liked it. So it was a fun game for us.”

On Belichick calling it an old fashioned football game where players got their jerseys dirty, and if he enjoyed it:

“That’s how it felt out there. When you play on grass, then it feels like you’re in high school football whereas rain’s coming down and that’s how football’s meant to be played. You go out there no matter what. So it’s one of those days, we’ve had a few of those this year, but this is a great place to put together a win like we did.”

[Inaudible – something to do with the atmosphere of the Stadium]

“Similar, I think similar. There’s times where the crowd’s really into it and I said they booed us…”

On if the fans were more engaged:

“You know, I think they liked seeing the action. It felt like there was a lot of stoppages between the timeouts and there’s quarter changes, there were quite a few stoppages today but that’s how the game is played. We made some good plays out there, some good throws and catches, some guys made some great runs. So it was a good day of playmaking football.”


“We’ve got a long way to go. We’ve only played eight games, we certainly haven’t played our best football, hopefully we can get some guys healthy, get back into the swing of things here with the bye week, have a good practice on Wednesday or Thursday and then hopefully start playing some football in the second half. We need to”

[Inaudible – relating to Brandon Lloyd]

“I have a lot of confidence in Brandon. He works his butt off, he goes out there every day to practice and works hard. But he made some really great plays tonight, great job on the two touchdowns. Deion [Branch] made plays, Wes [Welker] made plays, Julian [Edelman] did, the running backs did.  It was really a great team effort.”

[Inaudible – possibly on how satisfying it was to finally beat an NFC West Opponent]

“It feels good. We’ve been close a few times, but haven’t closed the deal. You’re playing a team today that beat the two teams that we lost to so we knew it would be a challenge and it certainly was because they got off to a good start.  But we countered and never really looked back.”

[Inaudible – possibly relating to what they need to do over the rest of the season]

“Yeah. I think you look at… you know, coach always says football season doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving and it’s not even Halloween yet. So there’s a lot of football that needs to be played. There’s a lot of teams that are really going to start making improvements, there are going to be teams that go the other way. So I hope we’re one of those teams that continues to get better and uses the games they’ve already played as a… you know you learn from those.  You try and make your improvements there, and move on from the bad things and get to the stuff that’s working.

“Thank you for having us.”