INSIDE THE NUMBERS: A Look at Who Helped Set the Patriots 1st Down Record Sunday

Ian Logue
October 07, 2012 at 10:53pm ET

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Sunday the Patriots set a new franchise record for first downs converted in a game with 35, breaking the previous record they set back on October 28th 2007 against the Washington Rredskins.

From our stats database here's a list of each player who picked up a first down, along with their totals:

Wes Welker: 9
Stevan Ridley: 9
Brandon Bolden: 4
Danny Woodhead: 4
Brandon Lloyd: 3
Rob Gronkowski: 2
Deion Branch: 1
Shane Vereen: 1
Tom Brady: 1

Total from players: 34
Total By Rushing: 18
Total By Passing: 16

Total from penalties: 1*

*They also got a first down on a pass interference penalty on Joe Mays in the 3rd quarter, which was part of the final total.


1st Quarter: 8
2nd Quarter: 12
3rd Quarter: 9
4th Quarter:  6