Rob Gronkowski PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
September 30, 2012 at 06:28pm ET

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On his return home and how big it was for him to recover after his fumble:

"Yes, definitely.  I mean I had a fumble and everything, a couple drops and just got to execute those plays, we can't be having that.  It hurts the team a lot and got to be protecting the ball better, no doubt about that.   It's awesome that Tom [Brady] came back to me, trusted in my abilities, trusted in me throughout the whole game, running-wise, running behind me still, kept throwing me passes so it was overall a great team win.  A lot players did a lot of great things.  The  runningbacks had a great game, the o-linemen had a great game.  Overall, awesome team win."

On what he felt was the turning point in the game offensively:

"Definitely in the 3rd quarter, for sure.  But just running the ball out there, executing, we've got to be doing that for all four quarters.  Not turning the ball over and just going out, being able to run the ball, being able to pass the ball.  In the 3rd quarter we got our rhythm going and it ended up going pretty well from there."

On if they felt ever feel like they're out of it:

"Yeah, definitely.  You can't panic.  It's a long game and that's why you've got to play all 60 minutes.  That's what we did, we played all 60 minutes and we've just got to come out stronger in the first half and be able to execute better.  That's what you've got to do."

On how big the Brandon Spikes hit was at the end of the first half:

"Yeah, definitely.  The defense played a great game.  I think we had 6 turnovers?  Devin McCourty had a couple interceptions.  [We had] a couple fumble recoveries too, especially on the goal line at the end of the half that was huge by Vince Wilfork.  So the defense did a great job and it helps the chemistry going with the offense when the defense is playing great complementary football we were playing in the second half and things went well from there."

On the mood on the bench when they were down 21-7:

"Well, I mean it wasn't the end of the game.  It was only the second half and we knew we were making some plays and we just had to keep on executing and just keep making plays.  Basically you don't want to  panic because when you panic, nothing good happens from there.  We just stuck with our offense, stuck with our game plan and everyone on offense was doing a great job.    The O-line, from the receivers, to the runningback, to the quarterback, everything went well from there.

On if it was as easy as it looked:

"It's not as easy as it looks, no, it's the NFL.  Those guys that are out there are great players.  You've got to work your butt off out there.  You've got to be going full speed out there in order to execute, in order to make some plays.  Overall, everyone just came together as chemistry and worked hard, and things went rolling from the 3rd quarter on."

On if there was any way he was going to miss coming home and playing:

"It's great coming home in front of my friends and a family and everything,  but it's great getting that victory too.  But I'm proud to be a New England Patriot, but no, I wasn't going to miss it."

On if he caught any abuse from the people who were there that he's known all these years:

"I mean you hear it everywhere you go, whatever stadium you're in.  But it's all part of the game, it's all part of being a pro and it kind of puts the fun in the game too and stuff like that."

On how hard it was for him after the fumble and how badly he wanted to get back in:

"Yeah, definitely, I mean it's not a great feeling at all.  I can tell you that right now, it's not a great feeling.  And then the very next play they throw a touchdown into the endzone.  But the thing is, you just have to overcome things,  just like if you have a great play, you've just got to move on from the great play.  If you have a very bad play, you've got to move on and you've got to stick with the game plan and keep on moving on forward."