Here’s the transcript from head coach Bill Belichick’s press conference following the Patriots win over the Bills on Sunday:


“Ok, well it was good to come in here and win today. ¬†I thought the players did a real good job. ¬†Buffalo answered our lead with 21 straight points and our guys responded with a bunch of turnovers, a bunch of points, and overall a pretty solid football game. ¬†Certainly a lot of room for improvement, but it’s good to come in here and do enough things well. ¬†We made a lot of plays, we missed some opportunities but we made a lot of plays and that’s a good feeling to come in here and¬†be able to¬†do that. ¬†We’ve got a long way to go, hopefully we can continue to work ¬†hard and improve. ¬†I think our team’s got a good attitude. ¬†They work hard, they’re tough and hopefully we can keep getting better. ¬†But we’ve still got a long way to go here.”

On if there were any adjustments made at halftime:

“Well, I mean we felt like we missed a lot of good opportunities in the first half. ¬†We had the ball down there and didn’t take advantage of it. ¬†We got some turnovers and weren’t able to put points on the board. ¬†Fortunately in the second half we were able to capitalize on that. ¬†We had some good field position, we had a couple punts down inside the 5 yard line, weren’t able to hold them down there. So I just think we played and executed a little bit better, there was no magic.”

On the play of the offensive line without Logan Mankins:

“Our line, our tight ends, our backs they all did a good job. ¬†We were a little disappointed in our running production in the last couple of games and really made a big emphasis this week. ¬†The offensive line, Dante [Scarnecchia], Josh [McDaniels], George Godsey [tight ends coach], I mean everybody really put a lot of emphasis in it. ¬† We worked hard on it in practice and were able to have some good results today so it was good to see that hard work pay off. ¬†But you can’t say enough about the offensive line. ¬†These guys have got a good front. ¬†We were able to block them and the backs ran well.”

On the spark Brandon Bolden gave them today:

“He did a good job. ¬†I mean our backs ran well, we had a lot of production. ¬†But Brandon ran well, no doubt about.”

On how key it was to keep the running game going in the 3rd quarter despite being down:

“I think the key thing was to put together a good drive, and we did that. ¬† We hit some passes, we hit some runs, and we just needed to come back and make it a one score game. ¬†But that was a big drive for us. ¬†A bad drive there, ¬†and I mean, we could have gotten knocked out at that point. ¬†Although I thought we had a couple chances to really knock them down in the first half, we missed them, but that was a big drive to come back and answer that. ¬†Again, fortunately we were able to be able to convert those turnovers in the second half ¬†into points and the game kind of got out of hand there at the end but it was obviously a lot more competitive than the final score would indicate”

On the play of  Devin McCourty:

“Devin’s had a lot of good coverages and he made two real good plays on the ball. ¬†Devin works hard, we have a lot of confidence in him. ¬†He’s one of the hardest working players on the team. ¬†Believe me, nobody feels worse after missing an opportunity than he does, but nobody will work harder to get it fixed and get it right. ¬†So give him a lot of credit for that.”

On what he saw on the play right before the half (the Spikes fumble):

“That was a huge play. ¬†That was a big momentum play because we were getting the ball to start the third quarter so we felt like we would have a chance to cut into it a little bit if we could just get out of there with a field goal, I mean as it was that turnover was huge. ¬†But I don’t know, there was a big pile of bodies in there, ball came loose, Vince [Wilfork] came up with it, I’m not sure exactly what happened. ¬† I thought overall we did a pretty decent job in the running game. I mean this is a good running team. ¬†Overall I thought we handled the running game fairly well, pretty competitively. ¬†But that was a huge play, knocking the ball out we had two fumbles so those were big plays, 4 interceptions. ¬†So anytime you get six turnovers that’s a good thing.”

On if there was a time where he thought the team was in trouble:

“Things weren’t looking too good there at the end of the first half, yeah, absolutely. ¬†I mean you always want to try to get off to a good start and play the game from ahead. ¬†But sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t. ¬†The big thing is to play sixty minutes and finish the game. ¬†We haven’t done a great job of that the last two weeks. ¬†It was certainly a lot better today, so we’ll take the outcome.”

On what he felt turned things around for the defense:

“Well you know they hit a big play there on the long touchdown. ¬†Then they hit two other big plays where they had the long pass to [Fred] Jackson and then the seam pass to [Scott] Chandler, right? ¬† So they got a lot of yards in just ¬†a couple of plays. ¬†I mean obviously we can’t give up big plays. ¬†You can’t play good defense that way, so we’ve got to try and limit those big plays and make them drive it and play better on 3rd down. ¬† I just think our execution…we just kept battling in there and made enough plays at the right time I guess. ¬†It wasn’t perfect, but we did enough good things.”

On the reaction to the fumbles by Welker and Gronkowski on the sideline:

“Well there’s nothing we emphasize more than ball security, that’s from day one. ¬† Everybody knows how important it is to take care of the ball. ¬† It always has been the number one priority, it always will be so whoever handles it, we’ve just got to do a better job of taking care of it. ¬†That’s not a good way to win football games is to drop it on the ground. ¬†And we know they’re trying to pull it out, they did a good job of pulling the ball out. ¬†But we knew that was coming, we just have to hang onto it better.”

On if they were ‘chomping at the bit’ to get back out there:

“I think any competitive player wants to keep playing, and keep competing, absolutely.”

On what happened on the two missed field goals:

“I don’t know. ¬†Just have to take a look at it. ¬†It looked like they were both fairly close but you know, we’ve got to make those kicks. ¬†But it’s a whole group. ¬†It’s a snap, it’s a hold, it’s a kick, it’s everything. ¬†I don’t know, I’ll have to take a closer look at it.”

On if he felt good about giving Gostkowski another chance at the end:

“Yeah, we just felt like it was another opportunity for us to kick under pressure and so we did it. ¬†I mean I felt like we needed to do it.”

With Mankins out, on the continuity he saw on the offensive line:

“No the offensive line did a good job. ¬†I mean they did a great job. ¬†Buffalo has a good front. ¬†Donald [Thomas] stepped in there at left guard and our tight ends did a good job. ¬†Our line blocked well, our backs ran well. ¬†It was a good group effort. ¬†In the running game it’s not about one guy. ¬†You’ve got to have a lot of blocking and running and all that’s got to be coordinated, and we had a good day doing that today.”

On how closely he’s studied the Broncos and when he turns his attention to that:

“In about 20 minutes. [Smiles] ¬†They’re obviously good. ¬†They run an offense that we’ve seen many times or some facsimile of it from Indianapolis so I’m sure they’ll be ready to go. ¬† ¬†We’ve got a big challenge for us this week. ¬†We know they’re a good football team. They obviously did a great job opening the week against Pittsburgh we all saw ¬†that game. ¬†I mean they’re a good football team. ¬†We’ll just have to have a good week of practice and be ready to go.”

On if the running game gave Brady more freedom to do some more checks at the line in the second half:

“I wouldn’t say…not significantly. ¬†I mean that’s part of what we do anyway. ¬†We have an element of that in our offense and it kind of depends on what play’s called. ¬† ¬†Some are called either or, some we just go ahead and call and run it. ¬†And some we don’t change because we get the look that we think we’re going to get to run the play and so there’s no need to change it. ¬†I’d say we probably do it about the same every week and how it turns out may be different but I would say our method is pretty similar.

On if he has an update on Dont’a Hightower:


On his thoughts on the play of Brandon Spikes:

“I mean we know he’s a heavy hitter. ¬†He had a couple solid hits in the game. ¬†He brings a physical element to the running game and to the tackling.”