Tom Brady's PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
August 25, 2012 at 12:09am ET

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On the fact he at least got one touchdown to Gronkowski"

"We obviously got off to a slow start but we played a little bit better in the second half.  But we really need to string it together for four quarters in order to, you know, beat good teams on the road.  Certainly have a lot of work to do. We've got an important week coming up this week  and we'll try and get better."

On if it's important for him to lobby to play against the Giants:

"Whatever coach decides, you know, that's his decision.  He's the one that makes all the decisions, so [I'll] just listen to what he has to say and if he says play we're going to play."

On if he has confidence in his offensive line and if he feels they'll come together:

"I sure do, yeah, of course.  I mean I've got confidence in everybody.  It's just a matter of us getting out there and playing and playing together.  There's too many times where we're one step forward and two steps back.  When you're not in a rhythm offensively it's hard to produce a lot of points.  We just weren't in a great rhythm obviously in the first half."

On his thoughts on the play of Stevan Ridley:

"He's been a strong runner since the day he came in here and he's continued to do that.  When he gets the opportunity it seems like he's doing a real good job.  So that was great to see."

On the offensive rhythm on their scoring drive:

"It was a little bit better.  We got off to a good start running the ball, hit a nice play to Aaron [Hernandez] up the sideline, had another good run play by Stevan, and then a nice touchdown to Gronk, so it was a good drive.  Those are the ones we need.  We need to put those consistently series after series, quarter after quarter, and that's how you string together good games."

On how frustrating it was for the negative plays early in the game:

"Yeah, and that's us all being on the same page and everyone doing their job.  I think that's important.  When you put together a good play, you've got to put together another good play on top of that, [and] another good play on top of that.  You can't score points unless you do things well consistently, unless you have a big play and we didn't have any really big plays tonight.  Big plays make up for a lot of mistakes on offense, but if you don't make big plays then you've got to kind of drive the ball methodically down the field and you can't afford errors.  If you get errors, you can't put together a scoring drive.  So that's something that we have to continue focus on and it's got to be a focus in practice, and certainly our next game against the Giants."

On if he sees Jeff Demps being a guy to be part of those big plays:

"You know, he got quite a bit of an opportunity tonight.  Coach put him in a position to make some plays out there both in the return game and at runningback.  It was pretty amazing to go from what he was training for for the last 6 or 8 months of his life, and to come in here and put pads on and do the same thing.  So it's really a credit to his hard work and his mental toughness."

On if this reminded him of his preseason game last year against Detroit:

"No, they're all a bit different.  I just think the point is we have to do things a lot better.  It's every position, it's every player, we all have to do better job at our job.  And if we all individually do that collectively, we'll be better at it.  So hopefully we can put together a good week and go down to the Giants and play a good game and get us prepared for our opener."

On what happened on the strip sack:

"It was just holding onto the ball too long.  Brandon [Bolden] was starting to work away from the coverage and they just got me as I was throwing the ball.  Gotta try to eliminate those and try to eliminate...turnovers certainly kill us.  Those just aren't very good plays."

On if this is one of those games where he'll feel it tomorrow:

"It's a physical sport.  Your body calluses up over the course of the preseason and that's why you train all offseason to be able to tak [them].  It's  a physical sport and you get hit, and you've got to wake up and get back at it the next day."