's Breer On Tom Brady: He's 'sharp as ever'

Ian Logue
July 29, 2012 at 07:30pm ET

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In an entry this afternoon,'s Albert Breer has been in Foxboro to get a glimpse of this year's Patriots team and it appears he's been impressed by what he's seen.

According to's Albert Breer, Tom Brady has been sharp so far during training camp. (FILE:USPresswire)
According to Breer Tom Brady has been "sharp as ever", with the 35-year old veteran still looking "very much on top of his game" early on during training camp:
Brady's sharp as ever. OK, so we just went over how this could be the twilight of Brady's career? With the caveat that things can change in a hurry (See: Manning, Peyton), be aware of this: He still looks very much on top of his game. It's hard not to appreciate how every receiver is hit in stride, with a chance to get upfield. Or how every teammate is having his feet held to fire constantly, with Brady just a drop or a bad route away from lighting into someone. Or why it works for him because of the massive credibility he has with teammates. Brady mentioned to me on Saturday that he thinks "the great part about being around here is that the expectation is only to win, and there's nothing else. It's not about selling tickets or t-shirts, it's to win football games." And that is just it for No. 12. It's easy to respond to someone like that when it really, genuinely is as much about you as it is him.

Breer also has a note on Wes Welker's potential replacement after this season, which he feels may not be a receiver at all.  Instead, he believes it could be Aaron Hernandez that the Patriots may be more interesting in retaining long-term instead of Welker and he equates it to what happened with Brandon Stokely in Indianapolis where he was ultimately replaced by another tight end - Dallas Clark.

He also gives additional thoughts on the defense, receivers, and more in this entry.