Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 18, 2011 at 09:53pm ET

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On the fact it never gets old winning another AFC East Title:

"Yeah, it was a good day for us.  A very emotional game.  The place was really rocking early.   I thought we showed some mental toughness, we really fought for 60-minutes, and really played really good complimentary football.  It's what we needed.  You know, 11-3, we've got a big game this week."

On seeing them score and then coming right out early on if he thought it would be "one of those days":

"Well, you know, we take it drive by drive.  We try to take it play by play.  I thought we answered their first score, we didn't answer their second score.  But we kept it close, and then once we got some turnovers from our defense that really sparked us."

On how they kept Denver's defense from pressuring him:

"They had a few sacks didn't they?  Two or three?  They got me pretty good on one.  They have two very good pass rushers on the outside, they have good blitz schemes.  I thought for the most part the protection was very good and allows me time to find a good match-up and make a good throw."

On the fourth quarter sack, if it's in his top 10 of sacks over the years:

"Yeah.  I was looking to throw to Rob [Gronkowski] in the slot who was one-on-one with D.J. Williams and didn't see Elvis [Dumervil] coming.  He got me pretty good, but we really answered the next time we got the ball, which was important. He's a very good player, Elvis, and Von Miller. We talked about those guys all week and how difficult they are to block like we did, and I thought our guys really hung in there."

On if the hit was in his top 10:

"Of hits?  Oh yeah, oh yeah.   I mean you've got one of the best pass rushers in the league that gets a clean shot.  I mean I didn't see him coming so he got me pretty good.  I'm sure I'll be feeling that one tomorrow morning."

On the touchdown spike:

"I don't get in the endzone very often, maybe once a season, so when I do I think I get pretty excited.  It's nice to score.  It's usually once a year for me."

On if it was because of the Tim Tebow hype:

"No, certainly not.  And this is the Denver Bronco team, and I thought the one thing we did a very good job of this week was focusing on our job and really what we had to do.  Obviously Tim's had a great year their team has really...they're in first place in their division so they've had a very good season also.  We knew it was going to be a 60-minute game.  I thought we really played well for sixty minutes for the first time all season."

On where this team has developed their 'mental toughness' from:

"We take our cue from our head coach.  I mean I think he puts it on us every day in practice, in the meetings, in walkthroughs, and he has very high expectations for us.  Sometimes when things don't go right, you've got to persevere.  You've got to keep fighting, just keeping fighting, and our team has really shown we can do that over the course of the season.  We've been down early in games.   We were down in Philly, we were down here, we were down on the Raiders, we were down against Miami and we found a way to really fight back."

On when he knew with this group of guys:

"Well it's an ongoing process.  You gain confidence over the course of the season when you win games on the road, and we've proven we can do that.  We've proven we can come back in games.  Even when we've lost, we've been in it until the very end.   We feel that we can compete with anybody and certainly when we play well we feel like we have a decent margin of error out there.  I thought we played well for sixty minutes today, and anytime you win by 18 points on the road it's a good thing."

"Thank you.  I'm going to head home guys, I've got a long flight ahead."