On the fact it never gets old winning another AFC East Title:

“Yeah, it was a good day for us. ¬†A very emotional game. ¬†The place was really rocking early. ¬† I thought we showed some mental toughness, we really fought for 60-minutes, and really played really good complimentary football. ¬†It’s what we needed. ¬†You know, 11-3, we’ve got a big game this week.”

On seeing them score and then coming right out early on if he thought it would be “one of those days”:

“Well, you know, we take it drive by drive. ¬†We try to take it play by play. ¬†I thought we answered their first score, we didn’t answer their second score. ¬†But we kept it close, and then once we got some turnovers from our defense that really sparked us.”

On how they kept Denver’s defense from pressuring him:

“They had a few sacks didn’t they? ¬†Two or three? ¬†They got me pretty good on one. ¬†They have two very good pass rushers on the outside, they have good blitz schemes. ¬†I thought for the most part the protection was very good and allows me time to find a good match-up and make a good throw.”

On the fourth quarter sack, if it’s in his top 10 of sacks over the years:

“Yeah. ¬†I was looking to throw to Rob [Gronkowski] in the slot who was one-on-one with D.J. Williams and didn’t see Elvis [Dumervil] coming. ¬†He got me pretty good, but we really answered the next time we got the ball, which was important. He’s a very good player, Elvis, and Von Miller. We talked about those guys all week and how difficult they are to block like we did, and I thought our guys really hung in there.”

On if the hit was in his top 10:

“Of hits? ¬†Oh yeah, oh yeah. ¬† I mean you’ve got one of the best pass rushers in the league that gets a clean shot. ¬†I mean I didn’t see him coming so he got me pretty good. ¬†I’m sure I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow morning.”

On the touchdown spike:

“I don’t get in the endzone very often, maybe once a season, so when I do I think I get pretty excited. ¬†It’s nice to score. ¬†It’s usually once a year for me.”

On if it was because of the Tim Tebow hype:

“No, certainly not. ¬†And this is the Denver Bronco team, and I thought the one thing we did a very good job of this week was focusing on our job and really what we had to do. ¬†Obviously Tim’s had a great year their team has really…they’re in first place in their division so they’ve had a very good season also. ¬†We knew it was going to be a 60-minute game. ¬†I thought we really played well for sixty minutes for the first time all season.”

On where this team has developed their ‘mental toughness’ from:

“We take our cue from our head coach. ¬†I mean I think he puts it on us every day in practice, in the meetings, in walkthroughs, and he has very high expectations for us. ¬†Sometimes when things don’t go right, you’ve got to persevere. ¬†You’ve got to keep fighting, just keeping fighting, and our team has really shown we can do that over the course of the season. ¬†We’ve been down early in games. ¬† We were down in Philly, we were down here, we were down on the Raiders, we were down against Miami and we found a way to really fight back.”

On when he knew with this group of guys:

“Well it’s an ongoing process. ¬†You gain confidence over the course of the season when you win games on the road, and we’ve proven we can do that. ¬†We’ve proven we can come back in games. ¬†Even when we’ve lost, we’ve been in it until the very end. ¬† We feel that we can compete with anybody and certainly when we play well we feel like we have a decent margin of error out there. ¬†I thought we played well for sixty minutes today, and anytime you win by 18 points on the road it’s a good thing.”

“Thank you. ¬†I’m going to head home guys, I’ve got a long flight ahead.”