Andre Carter Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 11, 2011 at 06:13pm ET

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Here's the complete transcript from Andre Carter's post game press conference following New England's win over Washington:

On the fact it was nice to make an impact against his old team:

"I tried to.  I just pride myself on just trying to work hard and trying to execute the plan. It was a close game, we were blessed with a victory, but overall as a team we've just got to find a way to get better."

On what it is about this team where they have lapses and everything goes south:

"It's just a matter of just finishing.  Sometimes we start slow, and then we don't finish in the end well, or vice-versa.  Or there's a point in the middle of the game where something doesn't go our way or just something in general that's just the mentality of just doing what you have to do,  do your job.  So it could be a variety of things of just overthinking and just not executing the plan.  And that's just something that's been up and down throughout the season and we've just got to find a way to just be consistent for four quarters."

On if the officials explained the penalty to him:

"No, actually they didn't.  I'm sure that will be looked at tomorrow.  It's unfortunate, especially when it comes to just trying to make a play.  There was no intentions of going low.  I thought it was a good hit, but the league has definitely involved so much as far as protecting quarterbacks, which I understand.  So that was my fault, and I'll try and do better and not put our defense in that position."

On if there's a rule that he can't go low, because it didn't look like he was trying to hurt him:

"I mean that was the main point of it.  But like I said, it's just unfortunate that that play was called."

On if it's about perceived intent:

"There was no intent, just, like I said, trying to find a way to make a play."

On the fact that they have Tom Brady to bail them out of bad situations, and how long before it comes back to bite them:

"And that's a good question.  We have three more games to just try to go out there and compete.  I mean Denver is a great team, and that's a team that we have to analyze, and they've been known to have strong fourth quarter comebacks.  In all they've been playing well, period, for four quarters.  So for us, whether it's defense, offense, or special teams, we just have to see how can we constantly get better because it's coming down to the wire now."

On the sack and the forced fumble and what this game meant to him:

"It was nothing personal.  For me it was just this season in itself has just been such a blessing.  Just the opportunity to do what I do and play with some great men on this football field.   So overall that was a way to contribute and try to put some points on the board.  Then I did my job, I just went on to the next play."