Wes Welker's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 04, 2011 at 05:15pm ET

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Here's a transcript from Wes Welker's meeting with the media following New England's win over Indianapolis:

On how they look at this game after the second half:

"We got off to kind of a slow start but we picked it up and really got things going and were able to get a good lead.  From there we've got to finish a lot better than what we have been the past few weeks.  I'm sure it's going to be a huge emphasis by coach, and something that we've got to do.  If we don't play four quarters, we're not going to end up in the situation that we want to be in.  So we've got to fight on through, and convert on third downs and move the ball down the field, and ultimately score."

On the fact they didn't play man-to-man, and played zone instead:

"I think they had some injury issues with the DB's and things like that and we were able to kind of take advantage of going fast and having them line up in a lot of zone and they were kind of just trying to get lined up more than anything.  So we didn't see very much man so it was a matter of us spacing, and Tom finding the open guy and moving the ball down the field that way."

On the fact there was a lot of talk that when Randy Moss left here that his role would become more complicated, and how much Gronkowski helps open things up for him:

"He's a great player, and he does a great job for us, just like everybody out there and understands where he needs to be and making plays in key situations.  So he's been a big help for us, especially in the red area with his touchdowns, such a big target, and those things.  We just have to keep on striving to be great out there and he's definitely one of those guys that does that.  We just have to keep bringing everybody along and moving toward the ultimate goal."

On if Tom's at his best in the no huddle:

"I think at times.  It's tough to say.  It just depends on how they're playing us and what advantages we can have in doing that and going fast and different things like that.  It just depends on what they're doing and kind of being able to dicate the game in that manner.  I think Tom's always at his best no matter what we're doing out there."

On if he ever gets concerned with a slow start against a bad team:

"You really don't think about that too much.  You're just out there trying to move the ball down the field and score touchdowns.  That's really the only thing we're worried about, is moving the ball and scoring points and not looking at records or anything else and understanding that they're an NFL team and we have to go out there, start fast, and finish a lot better than what we did.  It's going to catch up to us if we don't do those things."