Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 04, 2011 at 04:50pm ET

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Here is the complete transcript from Tom Brady from Sunday's win over the Colts:

On working with new center Nick McDonald today:

"It was good.  I thought we had a good week of practice, it really prepared us for the game.   He stepped in there, his first game as a Patriot, and did a real good job. It started with his week of practice."

On if they got done what they wanted to get done the first three quarters:

"We played good for 45 minutes and then didn't do anything offensively in the fourth quarter so we'll hear about that tomorrow."

On if he knew that last pass to Gronkowski was a lateral:

"It was?"

On if he didn't know that?

"No.  It's O.K.  I'm glad we scored.  That was a good play, good blocking.  They blocked well for him on that play so that was great.

On the fact they counted it and then took it away:

"They reviewed it?  It must have been close.  I thought it was a forward pass, I threw it."

On playing against the Colts without Peyton Manning on the sideline:

"It doesn't affect me much, I mean I'm an offensive player.  As a defense, they pretty much had the same guys out there that they had last year.  They've got a great pass rush.  I thought we could have executed better at times.  But  I'm glad we won, but we've got to move on."

On if the no-huddle is all on him to make sure he gets dialed in as a quarterback:

"It's on everybody.  Offensive football is all all eleven guys being on the same page.  I thought we definitely did that at times today.   The middle part of the game was awesome.  We just came up third, fourth, and a quarter of a yard short on the one and then never got out of the long yardage situation there in the second to last drive.  We'll try and do a better job of that next week."

On Gronkowski consistently getting open down in the red zone:

"They've got to cover everybody, so they're trying to cover all five guys, and whoever's open we're going to throw it to [them].

"Alright guys, thank you."