Rob Gronkowksi's Interview With Steve Burton Transcript

Ian Logue
December 04, 2011 at 05:55pm ET

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WBZ's Steve Burton interviewed Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski following their win over the Colts.  Here's the transcript from that interview:

Three touchdowns on the afternoon for Rob, and your third one was going to set an NFL record, but they took it away - meaning it was a lateral.  It was a rushing touchdown instead of a passing one:

"It's all good.  I'll take a rushing touchdown any day.  That was my first rush of my whole career of playing football and I got a TD on it, so that's pretty sweet.

Were you in front of [Tom] Brady?  Did you think you were in front of Brady at the time, or sideways or what?

"I didn't pay attention, I've got to see it."

[Watches replay]

"Dang, I mean it was a pass so I wasn't thinking that I was behind the line of scrimmage at the time.  So whatever, I'll take the rushing touchdown."

I've got to let people know, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were in here at the podium, Rob walks into this room and says, "this is where they do the podium?  I've never been in here before."

"I never knew where that postgame podium was."

With 14 touchdowns it seems like you should know this, they should put you up there, right?

"You've got to be in the league for five years I think. [Laughs]"

To get up at the podium?


Well talk about the other two touchdowns you scored as well because you just continue to roll.  Did you have any idea that you'd be able to score 14 touchdowns on the year?

"No, definitely not.  But I mean the wide receivers are playing so well, and the runningbacks are running the ball well, O-line's playing well and Tom was on fire just getting the ball down the field into the red zone to all the wide receivers.  I just happened to be  the open guy in the red zone.  So I have to give the credit to all the wide receivers, just bringing down the ball down to the red zone, getting open every single play.  They cover the wide receivers the whole time and I just happened to be the one open in the endzone, so that was cool."

How in the world are you the one open when you have that many touchdowns on the season ?  How do they leave a guy as big as you and with your numbers open?

"That's how great our wide receivers are.  I mean they have great talent out there and you've got to cover them.  If you don't cover them, they're going to get open.  I just happened to be the open guy.  Tom sees the open guy, and he throws it.  So all credit to them. Great play calling and everything, great coaching and everything, great playing by the O-Line.  Just, the open guy, just gotta make that catch."

Scott Zolak was on earlier and he was talking about your "catch radius", that you're able to catch the ball in the most awkward positions, and you have a wide range of a "catch radius":

"I guess, definitely.  Wherever the QB throws the ball, you've got to get it.  That's the responsibility of being a tight end or receiver, going out and catching the pass.  If it's behind you, you have to reach out and get it.  So if it's anywhere near your proximity, you've got to go out and get that ball."

Congratulations.  Redskins are next, and you'll break the record next week?

"[Laughs] We'll see what happens."