Bill Belichick's PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 04, 2011 at 04:29pm ET

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Here is the complete transcript from Bill Belichick's press conference following New England's 31-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts:


"Well, it's good to be 9-3.  We put our team in decent position here, hopefully we can keep improving here through the last quarter of the season.    I thought we did some good things out there today.  We've  obviously got to do a better job of finishing the game.  That was disappointing, but we'll work on that, go back to work here, and get ready for Washington next week."

On the mindset of his team and taking the Colts seriously after watching his team build an early 31-3 lead against Indianapolis:

"I think we did some good things today, there's other things we didn't do as well.  That's the way it is every week."

On the fact they had a lot of players at unfamiliar spots, Matthew Slater, etc:

"I put the best people out there to be competitive, same thing we do every week."

On if he thought Matthew Slater was a better safety then...

"I felt that was the best thing we could do to win, yep."

On going to the no-huddle, which changed the whole complexion of the game:

"We use it every week.  We've used it every week, and I'm sure we'll keep using it.  There's some advantages to using it, there's some disadvantages to using it. But it's part of our offense, so we'll use it whenever we feel is best."

On the fact they seemed to be more effective after going to it since they scored 21 points using it:

"That's why we stayed in it."

On his thoughts on Nate Jones performance:

"I'd have to look at it on film.  It looked like he made a few plays but I don't know, I can't watch them all out there, we'll watch it on the film and see how it looks.   I'm sure he did some good things, I'm sure there's some other things that he can improve on."

On if he noticed center Nick McDonald's play:

"Yeah, I'd say the same thing.  I think Nick stepped in and did a good job, did some good things.  There's some other things, I'm sure, with experience, he'll do better next time."

On if the communication was good despite the new people being on the field:

"Yeah, we had our moments.  There were times where it was good, there were probably times where it could have been better."

On the fact they went to Gronkowski quite a bit today and if it was part of the game plan:

"He wasn't covered, so Tom threw it to him.  Tom's not going to pass up an open receiver.  We didn't know he was going to be open."

On if he heard about the official scoring change on his record:


On if he knew if Gronkowski was close to the record:

"I was really trying to be concerned with beating the Colts.   Was not really concerned about individual stats.  I think I've said that many, many times.  This game's not about individual stats, it's about team wins."

"Good?  Great"