Here’s the complete transcript of Tom Brady’s post game press conference with the media:

On the fact it was an impressive performance:

“I thought it was O.K. ¬†I thought our execution was a little better. ¬†But it’s good to come on the road and get a win. ¬†It’s a team that has obviously a lot of very good players and I thought getting down 10-0 and then rallying and coming back like we did showed a little bit of mental toughness which we’ve really shown consistently throughout the year.”

On what match-ups he saw they could exploit:

“I mean our guys were getting open. We’ve got some good quickness in the underneath part of the field, I thought we took advantage of some plays there. ¬†I thought we should have hit some other ones though. ¬†But all in all it’s a good win, and as we always say this time of year, we’ve got to move on.”

On the play he hit to Deion Branch:

“The one that we completed?”


“He had a comeback route and he ran it, I scrambled up, and then he kind of stepped up and then wheeled inside and the DB lost him, and I just tried to jam it in there to him, he caught it, and he did the rest. ¬†I thought he had a great cutback there on about the 15, 20 yard line to get us down to the one. ¬†But that was a huge play in the game I thought really to kind of stop the momentum that they had established. ¬†For us to make some plays like that really softens up the defense.”

On if he was surprised Wes Welker was so wide open on the touchdown play:

“Yeah, and he said before the play, he said, ¬†‘you know, if I get this certain look then I’m going to fake like I’m running the in-cut and run the post’, and he did it and he came to the sideline, he’s like, ‘I told you, I told you!’ ¬†That was pretty funny. ¬†It’s nice when they work out kind of how you talk about. ¬†Wes is so consistent and reliable and he’s a phenomenal¬†player.”

On the fact Welker has a knack for sticking the ball across the pylon:

“Yeah, he does, he does. ¬† He’s got a knack for it. ¬†Whenever he’s around there, he just sticks that ball across. ¬†So that was a hell of a play by him.”

On getting BenJarvus Green-Ellis going early:

“Yeah I thought we ran the ball pretty effectively. ¬†That first drive I thought we did a good job running it. ¬†We just kind of sputtered out and we didn’t make some plays in the passing game. ¬†But I thought we played with a little power today. ¬†We ran the ball to really balance out the passing game. ¬†But there was plenty of yards that we left out there too.”

On the fact he ran the ball a bit himself:

“Yeah, that’s a rarity. ¬†There was just a few times where I felt that it opened up in the middle, and I just took off. ¬† I’m not moving very fast, they’re converging pretty quickly, so I just got down there as fast as I could.”

On the fact he had to dig out a lot of turf on one of them, and if he thought they’d have to burn a timeout:

“I thought the brace was bent. ¬†It ended up just having a lot of turf jammed up in there. ¬†Aaron was trying to tug it out of there, which fortunately he did and we were in the no-huddle, so we were just able to get the ball snapped with some time left on the clock.”

On when they get down early if there’s a key to not panicking:

“I mean there’s a ton of football to play. ¬†Even that first touchdown drive was probably two and a half minutes, it wasn’t like it was an eight¬†minute drive. ¬†So there was a ton of football, we didn’t do much on the first drive, we punted and they kicked a field goal, our defense made another good stop in the red area to keep it from going 14-0 which then you’re really in the hole, but to be down 10-0 and then we scored, and then we scored again, ¬†so that was really a good job by the entire team to really stem the tide.”

On if this is another game where he felt the no-huddle was a tool for the offense:

“I thought we did a pretty good job executing it. ¬† I thought there was a few drives where we had more of an opportunity and we missed some plays in the passing game which we stopped a field goal, namely the one right before halftime. ¬†Our no-huddle was somewhat effective. ¬†I think, more importantly, I think the run game complimented the pass game and we really balanced it out.

“Last Question.”

On if the Eagles were working more to take away the tight ends away:

“I thought it was more balanced today. ¬†I thought we did a good job getting it to the wideouts. ¬†Wes and Deion both obviously had a big day, and then the tight ends made some plays too. ¬†That’s how it needs to be. ¬†You’ve got to run it, you’ve got to throw it to everybody. ¬†You’ve got to keep them off balance. ¬†You’ve to screen, you’ve got to draw, you’ve got to trap, you’ve got to downhill run, you need quick hitters, you need all levels in the passing game. ¬†When they’re able to take a few of those away, obviously it makes it more difficult to execute. ¬†I thought today we did a good job really maximizing all of the guys out there that are playmakers.”

“Thank you. ¬†I’m heading out.”