Deion Branch Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 27, 2011 at 11:38pm ET

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Here's Deion Branch's complete post game press conference transcript:

On the 63 yard pass, if he thought he got in:

"No, I didn't get in [laughs].  I tried to run the last guy over, I forgot his name, the safety, but I didn't get in.  It was a great run, that was those 10 years on me. But  I think overall the front line did a great job on that play blocking for Tom.  It wasn't a play that I made, it was a play that he made with his feet.  Tom doesn't get a lot of credit for keeping his head up and getting out of the pocket and making plays, and that's what he did.  I think the easy part was the stuff that we do on the outside of staying open with our scramble rules, but all the credit goes to the front line and Tom."

On the fact he made an adjustment on that play:

"Yeah, we have scramble rules.  I'm pretty sure, trust me when he's scrambling, everybody wants the ball.   You can look around and see all the guys doing what they're supposed to do.  Fortunately he was locked in on me on that one play."

On the fact he trusts him with the visual communication:

"Well, the thing is, we have to be on the same page, and we work on those things in practice all the time.  It wasn't like it was it was something new or something.  It's just all about what the front line is doing, and Tom keeping his head up the field."

On if they felt they turned the page in overcoming their recent slow starts:

"We're going to take it one game at a time.  I think overall we did a great job of just staying composed on the sideline and making sure we made the right adjustments once we came to the sideline to what Philly was doing to us. Once we settled down we realized what they were doing, now we can go out and attack the way we should, and pretty much what we planned on doing for our game plan."

On if he thought back to their game against them in the Super Bowl:

"No, that was a long time ago.  That was a long time man, I don't even remember that game."


"It was a great game today though.  I think we came out and did exactly what coach Belichick asked of us this week, now it's all about trying to start building from here."

On going into December:

"You know everybody says, coach has been harping on it, and you turn on the TV on, 'football season starts after Thanksgiving'.  So right now we're 1-0 and we have five games left, and we're going to take it one game at a time.  Our next biggest opponent is the Colts, you know these guys coming in, trust me, they've got a great team."


"Hey, it may look like that on TV, I promise you, but the things that we're seeing, seriously, there's some things that you can see on film where it's a mistake here or there that's costing them the game.  But trust me, these guys have a great team, a great coach, we still have to go out there and play our game and execute our plays."

On the fact they only have five games left:

"It's five right?"

Five in the regular season:

"Right, we can focus on that.  We've got five in the regular season left.  One game at a time.  It's on to indianapolis."

On how  they were able to get yards after the catch:

"It was all about making adjustments."

On if it was missed tackles or the Eagles scheme:

"It could be.  I tip my hat to [our players], but mainly to our offensive staff.  They did a great job with the game plan.  We attacked exactly where their weaknesses were.  The guys made the plays, Tom threw the ball, the front line did a great job blocking, and the guys that were receiving the ball made the plays.  I can't say what they were doing over there.  Our job is to beat them."

On the injuries the Eagles had and the fact they didn't look prepared:

"I think just overall with Tom Brady having the luxury of being able to make calls and chekcs at the line of scrimmage puts a strain on the defense when they show you one thing, and if we have a bad play called, he has the luxury to check out of that play and put us in a better play.  A lot of times that's the case, sometimes that happens, sometimes it's just guys making plays."