Tom Brady's PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 22, 2011 at 01:34am ET

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Here's the complete transcript of Tom Brady's postgame press conference following New England's win over Kansas City:

On what made them 'flip the switch' from the first half to the second half:

"Yeah, we played a little bit better.  Obviously the first half we didn't do anything.  I don't it could have gotten much worse than what we did in the first half.  But I'm glad we came out strong in the second half and took control in the third quarter.  It was good to get a win at home after the loss last time."

On if he can put a finger on why they've gotten off to the slow starts recently:

"We just sucked in the first half.  If you can't complete a pass you're not going to move the ball.  You can't run it, you can't complete a pass, we just didn't do anything."

On what his read was on the first touchdown to Gronkowski:

"We had a play action and they were blitzing off my left side, and Rob slipped behind them. I just tried to step up in the pocket and buy a little time, and found Rob and he did the rest.  He's tough to bring down.  He runs hard, they had a chance to tackle him there at about the 8, 9 yard line, he broke the tackle and walked in.  It was a big score for our team."

On the fact after the somersault into the endzone he was on the sideline and had to count to 10, on if he could pass that normally:

"You'd be surprised.  He doesn't come across as a math major, but he can handle his own."

When they took away Wes Welker, how big Hernandez and the other guys are for him:

"Rob, Aaron [Hernandez] and Chad [Ochocinco] and the other skill guys that are out there that have opportunities to make the plays, I've got to find ways to get those guys the ball.  I didn't do a great job of that tonight, so I've got to do a better job next week."

On how important it is at this point in the year with the end in sight:

"Yeah, I mean we're going to need to play better than we did offensively tonight if we want to start making some serious improvements down the stretch.  We're 7-3.  I don't think we're really where we hoped to be at this point. But we have our whole season ahead of us and hopefully we can come out and have a good week of practice and move forward."

On what impresses him the most about Gronkowski:

"His athletic ability, obviously.  He catches the ball great, he's tough, he runs well, he blocks, he really does everything you ask a tight end to do.  He's dangerous out there."

"I'm going to head home.  Thanks guys."