Here’s the complete transcript of Kyle Arrington’s press conference with the media following the Patriots 34-3 win over Kansas City Monday night.

On his two interceptions:

“I mean, well first of all, God is good. ¬†It’s just being around the ball. ¬†You try to be a very opportunistic defense and when plays like that present themselves, you just capitalize on them. ¬†If I can get in the endzone one of these times that’d be good too.”

On how they’re progressing:

“I think we’re all pretty…we’re not satisfied, but we like the direction that we’re going. ¬†But we just keep preparing, stay focused, and come out and just play for eachother, and play hard like that for ¬†sixty minutes I think we’ll be in pretty good shape down the road.”

On if he feels this proves something beating the Chiefs the way they did:

“I mean, sixty games every Sunday, or in this case Monday night, we go out there no matter who we play, we play as hard as we can. ¬†We’ve got an extremely great test coming up next week versus the Eagles, so we have to go out there and put another sixty minute game [together] again.”

On the fact the defense was on the field more than the offense at the beginning of the game:

“I mean I think the [offense] it was a slow start in the game for the offenses in general, and that’s on us. ¬†It’s on the defense. ¬†It’s on us to keep us in games, and when the offense builds the lead, it’s on us to finish the games. ¬† We just go out there, and like I said, we just try to give our all. ¬†It’s just a good feeling to go out there and play, I wouldn’t say perfect, but play a good sixty minutes of football.”

On what he saw from Palko:

“Being a left handed quarterback a lot of balls are going to come to our right, that’s the side that I’m on. ¬†So just prepare, and try to keep eyes on his vision on a lot his throws. ¬†He throws off his back foot a lot. ¬†A couple of balls sailed a few times, so keeping zone vision and trying to make a good break on it was the key. ¬†But credit to them, that’s a good football team. ¬†They kept us on our toes with a lot of drives here and there. ¬†Credit our coaches as well for making adjustments within the game.”

On how tough it’s been to get cohesion with the number of injuries:

“In this profession, it’s the next man up, basically. ¬†Credit to our players, whatever their role is, there’s not a bigger role that they would want. You always have to prepare to be in there. ¬†You’re always a play away. ¬†That’s a lot of credit to the guys who are stepping up and playing a lot of snaps for us now.”

On if he feels like the fact they’re getting a lot of experience with the injuries if that will be better for them long term even when guys come back:

“Definitely. ¬†When Devin [McCourty] comes back, with everybody getting more experience now, when Devin comes back we’ll just have that much more depth. ¬†That will speak a lot for us.”

On the fact they’ve been getting turnovers the last couple of weeks:

“It’s huge. ¬†Turnovers and points off turnovers, that decides the game a lot, in most cases. ¬†Like I said previously, we try to be a very opportunistic defense. ¬†So when those opportunities present themselves, we have to jump on them.”

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