Kyle Arrington's Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 22, 2011 at 01:11am ET

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Here's the complete transcript of Kyle Arrington's press conference with the media following the Patriots 34-3 win over Kansas City Monday night.

On his two interceptions:

"I mean, well first of all, God is good.  It's just being around the ball.  You try to be a very opportunistic defense and when plays like that present themselves, you just capitalize on them.  If I can get in the endzone one of these times that'd be good too."

On how they're progressing:

"I think we're all pretty...we're not satisfied, but we like the direction that we're going.  But we just keep preparing, stay focused, and come out and just play for eachother, and play hard like that for  sixty minutes I think we'll be in pretty good shape down the road."

On if he feels this proves something beating the Chiefs the way they did:

"I mean, sixty games every Sunday, or in this case Monday night, we go out there no matter who we play, we play as hard as we can.  We've got an extremely great test coming up next week versus the Eagles, so we have to go out there and put another sixty minute game [together] again."

On the fact the defense was on the field more than the offense at the beginning of the game:

"I mean I think the [offense] it was a slow start in the game for the offenses in general, and that's on us.  It's on the defense.  It's on us to keep us in games, and when the offense builds the lead, it's on us to finish the games.   We just go out there, and like I said, we just try to give our all.  It's just a good feeling to go out there and play, I wouldn't say perfect, but play a good sixty minutes of football."

On what he saw from Palko:

"Being a left handed quarterback a lot of balls are going to come to our right, that's the side that I'm on.  So just prepare, and try to keep eyes on his vision on a lot his throws.  He throws off his back foot a lot.  A couple of balls sailed a few times, so keeping zone vision and trying to make a good break on it was the key.  But credit to them, that's a good football team.  They kept us on our toes with a lot of drives here and there.  Credit our coaches as well for making adjustments within the game."

On how tough it's been to get cohesion with the number of injuries:

"In this profession, it's the next man up, basically.  Credit to our players, whatever their role is, there's not a bigger role that they would want. You always have to prepare to be in there.  You're always a play away.  That's a lot of credit to the guys who are stepping up and playing a lot of snaps for us now."

On if he feels like the fact they're getting a lot of experience with the injuries if that will be better for them long term even when guys come back:

"Definitely.  When Devin [McCourty] comes back, with everybody getting more experience now, when Devin comes back we'll just have that much more depth.  That will speak a lot for us."

On the fact they've been getting turnovers the last couple of weeks:

"It's huge.  Turnovers and points off turnovers, that decides the game a lot, in most cases.  Like I said previously, we try to be a very opportunistic defense.  So when those opportunities present themselves, we have to jump on them."
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