Rob Ninkovich PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
November 14, 2011 at 01:50am ET

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This transcript was abbreviated because they cut into it late during the television broadcast following New England's win over the Jets Sunday night:

On what this game meant:

"We knew that this was for the division.  We knew that coming in here is always tough.  This is a hard place to play, so during the week of preparation we knew that it was going to be a hard game.  The Jets always come with their best stuff, so we knew that we had to be prepared for everything."

On the interception being tipped twice before he caught it:

"Yeah, I haven't seen it on tape yet, but I think I was just dropping back in coverage, and I think the receiver missed it, and then [Jerod] Mayo tipped it, and then it came my way so that was just one of those lucky tips, you know it came right to me.   Opportunity came, and I caught it."

On his second interception being a pick six:

"That was a nice one right there.  I haven't seen that either, so I'll be interested to see that on tape.  But again, the second one, it was nice because it was the icing on the cake.  So it was nice."

On how much of a point they felt they needed to prove tonight:

"You know, our defense has been so up and down week to week.  It hasn't been where we wanted it to be.  It was a work in progress knowing that the two previous losses were tough and we had to bounce back.  So we knew that this week was a huge week for our defense, and our team."

On the new guys stepping in and contributing:

"It's a great team win.  Because guys go down, that's football.  Guys go down, get hurt, somebody has to step in.  Whatever role they're asked to do, they have to go in and play that role to the best of their ability.   Guys were injured and guys came in and did their job, so it was a great team win."

On Andre Carter's performance:

"Andre, yeah, he had a great game.  I don't know how many sacks..."


"4.5?  That's nice [laughs], I would like one of those.   He's a great player, a great competitor, the guy's an 11-year vet, he's got a great motor.  He comes in, his work ethic, a great guy to look up to so I'm happy that he's a Patriot."

On whether it's hard to get up for the next opponent after coming off a win like this one and facing a team they're not familiar with and doesn't hold the same implications that this one has:

"No, not at all because we have to move on from this game.  Every Sunday or Monday, we're playing next week, every NFL team has great players on their team.  So you have to respect everyone that they have on their team and not playing them often, it's not an advantage because you don't know what they're going to do, you don't know the personnel.  So you have to really do your homework and learn what schemes they're running personnel-wise, what they have on the field.  So again, every week's important.  We move on from this one and look forward to the future."