Transcript From Andre Carter's Interview With Steve Burton

Ian Logue
October 31, 2011 at 12:59am ET

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For any fans who didn't stay up late to catch WBZ's Sports Final with Steve Burton, here's the transcript from his interview with Patriots defensive lineman Andre Carter.

Carter had two sacks on Sunday against Pittsburgh. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

SB: Boy this was a tough one to swallow?

AC: It sure was.  I think just on the defensive side of the ball we just pretty much got out executed.  It was definitely a disappointing performance on our part.

SB: On the defensive side of the ball, you were on the field the whole time?

AC: Yes, I think what killed was just the 3rd down drives.  They were very successful. I don't know how [successful] as far as percentage-wise, but we started so well before the bye week, and it kind of feels like we're back to square one.  We've just got to unfortunately learn from our mistakes, brush off this loss, and just continue to move forward.

SB: The thing that killed you guys were the third down conversions, and big third down conversions...

AC: It was just unnecessary.  From a D-Line standpoint we've just got to help our guys in the backfield.  I think just overall in general we have to discuss what needs to be done.  Especially when it comes down to third and long, those are important, you have to get off the field.  There's just no excuse.

SB: You were able to get to [Ben] Roethlisberger a couple times....

AC: It was definitely a blessed performance, but despite how successful I was, I just think in general, especially when it comes to third down, I could also add more pressure in the mix...get Ben Roethlisberger flustered, whether it's just getting my hands in his face, a quarterback knockdown, unfortunately I didn't get any quarterback knockdowns this game....

SB: It's tough to knock him down to begin with.  How tough is he to tackle?

AC: He's strong.  He's elusive, and we knew that coming in.  Everybody knows that, all the other 31 teams that have played against him.  He's a hard quarterback to get down.

SB: Are you surprised the offense only had 1:24, one three-and-out in the first quarter?

SC: I just think overall from a team standpoint,  we know we can do better.  And so it will be discussed tomorrow.  We'll study film, critique ourselves, be hard on ourselves as individuals, and move on forward.

SB: Kevin Faulk, he's a 'sparkplug'.  Was it good to have him back?

AC: It was a blessing to have him back.  Coming off of PUP, and having the performance he did, and finding a way to contribute no matter if his role was big or limited he was going to find a way to make plays.

SB: So you're going to go back and regroup?

AC: Yes sir.  Heal our wounds and keep on fighting.