Andre Carter Interview on 'Sports Final' Transcript

Ian Logue
October 17, 2011 at 01:07am ET

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Patriots defensive lineman Andre Carter appeared on 'Sports Final' on Sunday night for an interview with WBZ's Steve Burton, and here's a transcript of the interview:

You had two sacks at two critical times, you came up big today:

"It was a blessed performance by the grace of God, what can I say.   Definitely my wife and kids are my motivation, and the men that I play with.  Let 10 guys do the right thing, and I'm going to make the big play."

You were fired up after your tackle on Romo, you could tell you were 'geeked' all the way through this play.  You had to knock him down, you had to get him down, once for an 11-yard sack, and all of a sudden you knock him out of the Red Zone."

"The first sack I attribute to [Kyle] Love because I was coming around the corner, he was kind of coming up the middle, so when it comes to sacks, sacks and coverage just comes hand in hand.  When everything's in sync, everybody's able to make a big play."

Andre Carter had two sacks on Sunday against Dallas. (FILE:Icon/SMI)
Talk about the second sack, because the crowd just went nuts:

"I was coming off the end, basically the drive was getting a little scary.  It was second down, and some change, I was basically rushing off the left side, a great pass rush move...."

Did you come in unblocked?

"No, it was a one-on-one pass rush.  They always say when you have an opportunity especially on one-on-one matches you've gotta win, and I was very fortunate to win that particular play and make the big stop."

This win came on the defense, because Lord knows you turned the ball over, the Patriots as a team turned the ball over on four different occasions, two fumbles, two interceptions, you guys as a defensive unit came up big:

"We did...we did.  And like I said from a previous week before, it was a stepping stone.  This one, it was another stepping stone.  I mean we knew coming into this game the Dallas Cowboys were coming off a bye week, so they were going to throw everything they had and they definitely took advantage of certain plays, especially when it came to the fumble.  So what better [way] than to have the defense step up to the challenge, and we did."

Were you guys trying to confuse [Tony] Romo out there?

"No, I don't think so.  I think in general our game plan was simple.  I mean it was simple...."

Because on the other side of the ball Ryan's defense was trying to confuse Brady.  There were times that they were all over the place:

"And that's what they're known for, and they make big plays by doing that.  But that's something that we don't do on our defensive side of the ball.   I mean we get the call, we line up, we do a few things as far as disguising.  I think every single team on defense does that.  Because if you line up, the quarterback - especially these days if you're dealing with a [veteran] - they're crafty about it...ok they're in cover two, or ok they're in cover when it comes to disguising, and mismatching, ok  it definitely makes the quarterback think.  But I mean overall, we just played our game."

It wasn't the best of games, especially from an offensive standpoint, so Belichick will use this - even though you guys are 5-1 going into the by week - as motivation to get this team even better:

"Of course, and you have to get better."

And he'll bring you back down to earth...

"As always [laughs].  I know we'll come back to work and there will be a few clips that you know you'll cringe...I mean it humbles you.  That's one thing about coach Belichick...granted a win in the NFL is never easy to come by.  However, at the same time despite how you win whether it's by big points or by close games, you have to be a man and look at yourself in the mirror and say OK, this is the things [we need to do] to get better."

Now with the bye week here, what are you going to do?

"Hang out with the family.   I'm just going to hang out with the family, relax, and get the bumps and bruises healed up along with everyone else.  I think the bye week came at a good time.  I believe it's a good time because it's pretty much midway through the season.  I've had some  experiences where the bye week came in the second week of the season, and that's rough."

Pittsburgh's next:

"Pittsburgh's next, at Pittsburgh."

But you have two weeks to prepare:

"We've got two weeks to prepare, and knowing coach Belichick and knowing the rest of the coaching staff, they'll slowly spoonfeed us the material and I know we have to be dead on as far as who we're going up against.  I'll be glued to the TV this next Sunday even though it's our bye week to kind of see what the Steelers are doing and prepare for a great game."

Andre Carter, thanks for coming in.  You came up big tonight:

"Thank you, it's a blessing."