Wes Welker's Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
October 09, 2011 at 11:11pm ET

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Here's Wes Welker's complete transcript from Sunday's press conference after their win over the Jets:

On the 73-yard play:

"It was one of those plays where the safety was a little over aggressive, and we run a similar type play and ran the ball, and so I kind of got a feel for what that safety was doing.  So I went down and kind of acted like I was going to block him, and then took off on it.  Tom made a good throw, and hopefully next time I can just finish that out."

On if he's getting used to going deep

"No, I love it.  I mean anytime you can get the ball deep and make some big plays like that, it's huge for our offense.  The more you can do out there, the better off we're going to be.  So just continue trying to make plays whenever we get a chance."

On how similar they were defensively compared to last January:

"I think there was a lot more man this time around.  But they still did some different things and kind of mixed it up on who was over me, and different things like that.  I think it was more situational when they brought someone down on me and things like that.

On how much of a factor Revis was against him:

"I mean it's always a factor.  He's a great player, so you kind of have to make sure you're very crisp with all your routes and really kind of set him up with stuff, and be smart about it.  Every play is kind of "go time" when he's across from you.  He does a great job with all that, so it's a little game of cat and mouse almost sometimes with him, and you've just got to keep on plugging away and hopefully get some big plays every once in a while."

On how much the productivity the running game sets up the pass:

"I mean anytime you can run the ball it's going to set up some play-action type deals and things like that, which is what happened with that first play of the second half.  Anytime you're running the ball, and vice-versa, being able to throw it, and that's going to help out the running game.  Both of those have to be on the same page, and make sure that we're doing everything possible to try and  move the ball whether it's run or pass."

On the fact Belichick said this was one of their best week's of practice:

"Yeah, I mean guys came in very focused understanding that this was a big game for us, and it could really get us jumpstarted in the division.  I think the guys did a great job of really understanding our game plan and really kind of moving the ball down the field, and it all starts in practice.  Whenever we do it there, it always carries over."

On how much having Aaron Hernandez back helped:

"Aaron's such a great player, and anytime you can get more weapons out there on the field and more places that we can go with the ball, it's always going to help us out.  So it's always great to get those weapons out there."