Keating: Jets Sanchez's Game 'Full Of Holes'

Ian Logue
October 05, 2011 at 05:04pm ET

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Patriots fans may be voicing their concerns about Tom Brady's over reliance on wide receiver Wes Welker and their over emphasis on the pass (up until last Sunday anyway), but it sounds like the Jets have a similar issue with their offense.

The bad news for them is that throwing the ball as often as they have hasn't worked out with Mark Sanchez as the guy pulling the trigger.

The problem centers around New York's signal caller, who appears to be struggling on first down and getting the Jets offense off to a good start.   They've thrown on 58.8 percent of their plays so far this season, and with the ball in his hands, unfortunately he hasn't been effective.

In a piece on ESPN Insider, Peter Keating talks about the fact the Jets QB has a lot wrong with his game right now:
"At the moment, Sanchez's game is full of holes: He hasn't been very good at anything, except maybe targeting his tight ends, and he has been very bad at several important things. He's been terrible on first down (QBR: a hard-to-believe 6.3), often leaving the Jets in a deep hole on second down, when his passer rating (94.6) looks great but his QBR (33.3) reveals that he's not converting long-yardage situations. He's been particularly ineffective when trying to throw long (just 3-of-10 with a QBR of 8.4 on attempts of 21 or more yards). And he's disturbingly vulnerable to blitzes (QBR of 11.8 versus five or more pass-rushers) and in danger of downright decapitation when opponents rush a DB (QBR of 0.0 -- no, seriously -- with five sacks and an interception). The Ravens, a team you can count on to notice that kind of stuff, sent secondary pressure on 13 of Sanchez's 38 dropbacks (34 percent), forcing four overthrows, five further incompletions and two turnovers."

Sanchez had a tough game against the Ravens Sunday night, completing just 11 of 35 passes for 119 yards along with an interception and didn't throw a touchdown in a 34-17 loss.  The offense didn't produce anything other than a field goal, as the Jets got both of their touchdowns on a kickoff return for a touchdown, as well as an interception that was run back for a score.