Brady and Branch 'Kind of Got Into It' in the Closing Minutes of the Half after a Mix Up

Ian Logue
September 19, 2011 at 12:45am ET

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Apparently there was a disagreement between Tom Brady and Deion Branch in the closing minutes of the half following Vince Wilfork's interception, but fortunately that confusion didn't stop the Patriots from converting a field goal and extending their lead to 20-7 heading into the locker room.

It wasn't a serious one by any means, with Branch and Brady taking the podium together after the game in what ended up being quite an entertaining press conference. Branch admitted the issue had to do with what side of the field he was supposed to line up on during one play.

Branch is off to a fast start so far through two games. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

It ended up not mattering, because Brady hit him anyway and Branch made two straight catches, one for 11 yards followed by one for 7, which helped set up a 47-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski.

When asked if the Chargers should have seen those routes coming, Branch said he's happy they didn't.

“I’m glad they didn’t know. I’m glad it worked out that way," said Branch. "I mean those situations we work on a lot in practice. Coach puts us through much harder situations than that. We sort of knew what was what.

"Me and Tom kind of got into it on the field [he and Tom laughs] over the play, I was supposed to go to the right according to certain situations. But it worked out just right."

It did, and one could argue that it was a turning point in the game because it gave the Patriots a 13 point edge and put some additional pressure on them on the road in what ended up being a pretty loud crowd on Sunday.

Overall Branch had a big afternoon, finishing with 8 catches for 129 yards - and he says that Brady's eyes get big every time he sees him open on the field.

"I’m looking for the ball every time so, he’s throwing it to me – you have to see this guy’s eyes – once he’s in the pocket his eyes are so big when he’s getting ready to throw the ball. I guess he’s so excited when guys are so open.

“I think my eyes light up too like his, but it was two great plays – and we took advantage of what they gave us.”

Brady talked about the comfort level that's there between these two players, and it appears that after the first two games - which has seen Branch combine for 15 catches for 222 yards - the two seem to be just getting started this season.

"I've thrown a lot of passes to him over the years, and there's nobody that I enjoy playing with more than this guy," said Brady. "It's always been that way. He's my locker mate, and one of my great friends. He's just everything you look for in a receiver."