UPDATED: WR Mason Responds to His Exchange with Belichick on 'A Football Life'

Ian Logue
September 16, 2011 at 06:49pm ET

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For anyone who caught last night's documentary on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's "A Football Life", you probably enjoyed the exchange between Belichick and then Ravens receiver Derrick Mason during their 2009 meeting in Foxboro.

Following a first down reception by Mason, and with the Ravens trailing in the game, he made a comment toward Belichick - which didn't make the Patriots coach happy.

"Oh, (expletive) you Mason, just (expletive) you," Belichick said after Mason made a comment following the catch. "Why don't we talk after the game, just shut the (expletive) up."

Today in a report by Conor Orr, Mason responded and made some additional sarcastic remarks about the "spy gate" scandal and said that he'll see Belichick again on the sidelines when the Jets travel to New England in Week 5.

"(I won't see him) not before (the game), during the game," Mason told the Ledger. "I respect him because he's a very good head coach. They won a bunch of games during those times (putting emphasis on the words). When they were allegedly...you know (referring to spy gate). They won a bunch of games.

"But nah, I respect coach, he's a good coach. But I will see him out there."

Hopefully if all goes well, it will end up just like their previous regular season meeting - where they blew them out 45-3 in a Monday Night game in Foxboro on December 6th last season

UPDATED: Mason took to Twitter to respond, tweeting, "Just saw that belichick video thing all u ppl are commenting about. He might As well called me boy! Lol total Disrespect," followed by, "Had I said that to him, everyone would have been in a uproar! I have to much respect for the game to speck to a coach in that manner!" and then lastly, "See u soon coach b.. Sg" - ('Sg' obviously meaning "Spy Gate").