Belichick On Brady: It was 'No One Man Band Out There'

Ian Logue
September 13, 2011 at 02:27am ET

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Brady put on quite a performance Monday night. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

Following Tom Brady's record setting 517-yard performance Monday night, Patriots coach Bill Belichick pointed to the performance of the whole team as a big reason why New England came away with a 38-24 win against the Dolphins.

"I think you talk about the whole team," explained Belichick after the game.  "The pass protection, [Nate] Solder did a good job in there, [Brian] Waters played right guard, and then [Dan] Connolly had to go to center when Dan [Koppen] went out, Logan [Mankins] got rolled up on early, finished the game, [Matt] we had good protection, got a lot of production out of the receivers.

"Tom did a great job of throwing the ball, so it was a good complimentary game.  We ran the ball effectively, enough to keep them honest.  Tom threw it well, the receivers caught it and we pass protected - so it was no 'one man band out there'.  We had a lot of contributions from everybody, and that's what a good offensive team should do.  We should be good across the board."

The Patriots starting center was carted off the field in the closing minutes of the second quarter, and it was later revealed on "The 5th Quarter" that he suffered a broken left ankle. Following the game Belichick didn't have much to say regarding Koppen's status, but it's another tough blow to an offensive line that's already been battling injuries.

Brady told reporters that it's going to be tough not having him in there.

“That’s tough man, he’s the best, there’s no one like him," said Brady.  "I think he and I have a great chemistry between the two of us – we always have.  He’s one of my great friends and hopefully he’s back at some point.”