Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Says He's 'Messed Up' Without His 'Sweetheart'

Ian Logue
August 22, 2011 at 09:58am ET

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently sat down with Yahoo! Sports writer Michael Silver, and there's a touching piece available that I wanted to point out for anyone who hasn't seen it.

In this article Kraft is quite candid, and considering the amount of emotion in this piece, it's extremely touching.

Silver reveals that minutes after he entered his office, Kraft broke down.
“I’m messed up,” Kraft said, wiping away tears, a few minutes after I entered his office. “Really messed up. I just can’t believe I won’t have my sweetheart here with me ever again.”

The two made their annual trip to Israel earlier this year, and Kraft revealed that there was cause for concern when she first started to realize that something wasn't quite right. At that time she thought there was a possibility that she may have relapsed after having undergone an earlier treatment.
“She knew something wasn’t right,” Robert recalled. “But she was determined to finish the trip. She ran the whole thing, and we went all over the country. Then she came back and had an operation. The head of partners of Brigham and Women’s Mass General Hospital happened to be on the trip with us, and he later told me he couldn’t believe that she was able to endure the pain.”

It's a long article, but definitely one you may want to read. You can read it in its entirety here.