More Details Emerge on the Brandon Meriweather 'Alleged' Shooting

Ian Logue
March 10, 2011 at 07:44pm ET

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In a story that's been fairly odd to start with, more details have emerged regarding Brandon Meriweather and his alleged involvement in a shooting last month.

Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe reports that Meriweather was indeed present during the shooting that left two men injured last month in the safety's hometown of Apopka, Florida - but it sounds like he wasn't the one who fired the gun.

According to Hohler the incident started at the Blue Jeans Lounge around closing time, citing an anonymous witness. Meriweather was reportedly with his cousin, Quentin Taylor, and his friend, Nico Stanley, when a melee apparently erupted between Stanley's sister and another of Meriweather's cousins, Cedric Payne. She reportedly got into a physical confrontation with Payne.

From that point they reportedly went back to Payne's residence, with Stanley and Taylor arriving later to confront Payne over the scuffle. Taylor went at Payne and that's when Meriweather reportedly stepped in to try and break up the fight.

"When Quentin came full force at Cedric, Brandon jumped in the middle to try to break up the fight," their relative told Hohler. "Brandon had no influence on the fight and didn't have a gun on him."

The more details that come out, the less believable it sounds that Meriweather was the one who fired the shots in last month's alleged shooting incident. (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)
As Meriweather jostled between his two cousins, one of Taylor's friends, whom the witness identified to Hohler as Anton Massey, drew a handgun and fired at Payne, mistakenly striking Taylor and Stanley. The witness said Meriweather played no other role in the incident other than as a  peacemaker.

The interesting thing is that if Taylor and Stanley were the victims, with Meriweather in between them one would have had to believe that they would have clearly seen he wasn't the gunman.

Their representative, John Morgan, was on local radio here in Boston earlier on Thursday and admitted he didn't know for sure if Meriweather - who in the incident report obtained by NESN wasn't even listed - was the one who fired the weapon.

“I became involved when two clients came to our firm, referred to me, who had been shot at a party two Sundays ago outside a home in Apopka,” Morgan said on WEEI this morning. “There’s an ongoing investigation. The only thing that I can tell you today that’s indisputable is that our clients were shot.”

It's a bizarre story to say the least.  So far a lot of what's been said doesn't necessarily add up, with Meriweather being the one who appears to have taken a lot of unnecessary criticism throughout today's events.  There's no question that the fact he was part of this incident will reflect badly on him, but an article by Tom Curran that ran earlier today certainly makes you think something doesn't smell right.  If a gun goes off in February and charges aren't being considered until the second week of March (with no police record to back it up), it makes you wonder just how legitimate the accusations really are.

Needless to say the story continues to get more interesting.  The team earlier issued a statement saying, "We are aware of the reported allegation, but do not have any additional information."  However, Meriweather has finally started moving forward defending himself and the Boston Herald reports he has hired a lawyer.  According to that report a defamation of character suit may also not be too far away in the event Meriweather is found to be innocent once the investigation is complete.

His attorney, Adam Swickle, told the Herald, "I don’t sit back and deal with this kind of (garbage)."