Meriweather Allegedly Involved in Shooting

Ian Logue
March 10, 2011 at 10:32am ET

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Brandon Meriweather already had a questionable season last year, and if the latest reports are true, it appears his offseason isn't going well either.

Rumors are swirling that Meriweather was involved in a shooting, but so far there has yet to be a report confirming it was indeed him. (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)
The Boston Herald reported this morning that it appears that Brandon Meriweather may have been involved in a shooting down in Apopka Florida recently.

According to the report rumors surfaced yesterday involving the Patriots safety, however the Public Information Officer in the Orange County (Fla.) Sheriff’s office told the newspaper they had no record of Meriweather being connected to any crime.

But the Herald points out that a report by this morning has an on-the-record account from a lawyer for two alleged victims, saying Meriweather shot his two clients.

John Morgan, the attorney for the two alleged victims, told the website that Meriweather fired at the his clients outside a house party after one of Meriweather’s friends got beat up.

“That’s when Meriweather allegedly pulled out his gun and fired at the brother,” the report says, “grazing the man’s face and hitting the other victim in the head, according to Morgan. ‘He’s extremely lucky to be alive,’ Morgan said.”

For now these are just allegations and as the newspaper points out, the police had no record of it yesterday.  Whether or not it ends up being true is another story.

Morgan actually appeared on the Dennis & Callahan show on WEEI this morning and said he actually has doubts whether or not Meriweather was the shooter, which may end up debunking the original report.  Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe also has a source that told him it "wasn't him".

"That's what they told me," Morgan said of his two clients during the interview.  "I don't assume that to be true at all. I assume nothing to be true until we get the investigation completed."

So for now we'll have to wait and see if there is indeed any truth to the reports. Meriweather has yet to come forward and defend himself, and it appears that in the media facts are still being gathered as we wait to hear exactly what's true, and what isn't.