Patriots Fans, Join Us Monday For a Special Event!

Ian Logue
February 20, 2011 at 11:04am ET

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I was recently contacted by a group who is working with the NFLPA on a fan Q&A to answer questions about the current labor situation, and they’ve selected as the “point of contact” for Patriots fans. As a result I posted a thread to give fans who would like to ask the player reps questions the opportunity to do so, and they have been submitted, along with questions from fans from other teams around the league.

I’ve been told that this was put together at the request of Mike Donnelly and George Attalah from the NFL Players association. The plan is to put these together for a fan Q&A forum with DeMaurice Smith (provided he’s not in an active meeting with the league that day), who will hopefully give us an inside look at what’s been going on inside the negotiations from the players standpoint.  They will then be broadcasting this via UStream on Monday, February 21st at 2pm ET.

During this broadcast event, they will select questions (which have been submitted by fans ahead of time) and they will take the time to answer them directly to every fan who tunes in. Fans who are interested will have the ability to watch online, and they had requested that the “Points of Contacts” in each market schedule an event to gather fans for their team.
As a result I have scheduled an event locally here in New Hampshire to bring Patriots fans together and represent us, and basically we’ll be there to watch it and gain more insight on some of the questions fans have submitted.

You can also read the release from the NFLPA here:


The event will be held at the following location:

Wings Your Way
Sports Bar & Restaurant
215 Lafayette Road
North Hampton, NH 03862
(603) 964-3333

Some people have asked where this is.  If you're familiar with Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it's about 5-miles south of where Water Country is located.  "Lafayette Rd" is the local name for Route 1, so it's very easy to find.  You'll see it on the left hand side as you're heading south.

I’ll be there a bit early from 1:30pm until the end of the broadcast, which is expected to probably be a couple of hours.  It's not a completely free event, but the restaurant have some food & drink specials for fans who will be attending, and there will be some giveaways, etc.  I'll be handing out T-Shirts that say, ""Block the Lockout, Let Us Play", so be sure and stop by and say hello.

However if you’re on Facebook and would like to RSVP and get directions, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

If you have any interest in what's going on with the labor negotiations, this is a terrific opportunity to gain more insight.  So be sure to join us.

Thanks again, and hope to see some of you there!