Monday New England Patriots Links 2/14

Ian Logue
February 14, 2011 at 10:52am ET

Lamar Jackson divulges Pats visit
Robert Kraft blindsides Donald Trump
Guregian: Patriots should keep and make all their draft picks
Mock draft: Patriots get defensive
Rob Gronkowski puts out video to talk about his decision-making process

It's Valentine's day, so make sure you spend some time today doing something special for your loved one.  She may say, "it's no big deal," but that's a don't fall for it.  This is one of those holidays with little margin for error, so be sure to execute it better than the Patriots did against the Jets in that disappointing playoff game last month.  They weren't prepared and now get to spend the offseason wondering what could have don't let that happen to you.

Now, on to this morning's headlines....

Our own Derek Havens takes a look at New England's free agents and gives a brief breakdown on each player, including whether or not the Patriots will bring Matt Light back next season.

Jeff Howe of writes that the return of Ty Warren along with a number of solid guys coming out in the draft should be enough to bolster what ended up being a depleted defenensive line for the Patriots last season.

Staying with that same theme, offers up a draft profle on Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson.

ESPNBoston's Mike Rodak takes a look at potential free agent defensive linemen, and wonders how they could each potentially fit in with the Patriots.

Howe writes that what happens with Logan Mankins and Light will likely be the key factors in how the Patriots approach the draft.

Erik Scalavino of (turn your speakers down or Bob will get you) takes a look at the quarterback position in this edition of his "Position Snapshot".

Mike Reiss of points out that the Patriots Special Teams were ranked #1 by Rich Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.  Reiss also points out a mention by Football Outsiders, who gave a similar opinion.


Andrew Brandt of the has an in-depth look at one of the first issues that the NFL owners and the NFLPA are battling about, and that's the rookie wages.  If you're looking to understand more of what's going on Brandt has a good write-up on the subject, so be sure and check it out.

The Sporting News reports that last week's abrupt cancellation of their meeting happened because the league had thought the players had made a formal proposal, which apparently wasn't the case.

Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter report that the two sides may meet again this week. (Careful, there's a video at the top of this article that starts automatically, so turn your speakers down.) has an article this morning on the fact that the fans who were affected in the Super Bowl seating fiasco that lead to them either being moved or even left without a seat are moving forward with their lawsuit.   They point out that this happened because Jerry Jones was looking to break attendence records, and he should be dealt with accordingly.

The Dallas Morning news writes that John Clayton said in an interview on KESN-FM on Friday that Jones should be pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

That's it for this morning.  As I said, best of luck in trying to get Valentine's Day right with your loved one, and we'll see you tomorrow.