Thursday New England Patriots Links 12/2

Ian Logue
December 02, 2010 at 12:08pm ET

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The Patriots are back at work today after being given a day off yesterday as they get set to take on the Jets Monday night.  Head coach Bill Belichick gave them the day off to try and get them back into a normal routine, as Tuesday is normally a day off for the players.  However, with the game pushed back one day, it gets the players more in the schedule that they're usally accustomed to.

Despite the off day there's still plenty to read this morning, so let's get to the headlines.

Mike Reiss of sets the scene for today's media events, and goes over the schedule of what will be going on today down at Gillette Stadium.

Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post writes that the Patriots have something the Jets want, with Trevor Price pointing out that New England is always 'chasing perfection'.

“Perfection, that’s what they’re chasing,” said veteran defensive lineman Trevor Pryce, who is new to this contentious division rivalry having just joined the Jets this season, told The Post. “That’s what makes them so good. They’re chasing perfection. They beat the Colts [three weeks ago], and Tom Brady is cussing and carrying on at the end of the game over something. He’s not celebrating. He has a sullen look on his face. All the great ones are like that.
"They chase perfection. They don’t chase football games. They don’t chase winning or losing. Everyone wants to win, but there’s something else inside of them that drives them. You admire that as a football player, but as an opponent it’s like, ‘Aarrgghh, I hate them.'"

Kevin Armstrong of the Daily News appears to be disappointed that Belichick doesn't offer the same commentary that Rex Ryan does, writing that Belichick stuck to his 'dull script' and only offered praise for Ryan.  The New York media apparently isn't used to coaches who don't constantly talk about how great they think they are - which seems to be what their issue is with Belichick in this one.

Ian Rapoport of the Herald also has an article for the respect that Belichick has for the Jets as he tipped his hat to them again yesterday.

Tom Curran of NECN writes that despite all his 'bluster', Ryan's Jets have yet to suffer any blowback from all the talking their head coach has done.

Mike Cole of NESN has his "Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Jets" - although I don't know about you, but I'm sure we could easily come up with a much longer list after reading his.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has an article this morning on the linebackers, who he feels will likely have a tough time dealing with the Jets Dustin Keller.

The Boston Herald has an article this morning on ticket prices for this game, which are going for big money thanks to the media hype surrounding this match-up.

Rob Bradford of has some comments from ESPN's Ron Jaworski, who appeared on Dennis & Callahan this morning.  Jaworski points out that they've been a much different team since the Moss trade, and called the Deion Branch acquisition, 'a stroke of brilliance'.  However, his biggest concern right now is the Patriots' defense.
"I see all kinds of rotations. It's somewhat amazing what I see in terms of personnel packages. I don't think they have found themselves yet. So, I think, yes, there will be a problem as you move into the playoffs against teams with juggernaut offenses. You've got to have a defense. I know they've got turnovers at opportune times. They've made plays at opportune times. But I don't think you can give up 400 yards on an average and be a Super Bowl team."

Jeff Howe of takes a look at Tedy Bruschi, who will be honored Monday night by New England.  Howe writes that it was Bruschi's determination that made him such a great player, although he debates whether or not Bruschi was the 'greatest' ever to play here in Foxboro.

Howe also writes that the key to New England beating the Jets is going to be for Tom Brady to play at the same level he's been playing at over the past couple of weeks, something he really didn't do when they battled the first time.

Bob Ryan has an entertaining column this morning in the Globe on the "characters" of this match-up, who along with the plot have added plenty of drama to this showdown.

Ron Borges of the Herald also has an entertaining read, with his focused on the "joy of Rex Ryan".

Some local non-football news going on in Foxboro, where according to the Foxboro Reporter Because Foxboro and the Kraft Group have yet to complete a financial deal related to town sewer plans, a special town meeting set up to ratify the matter may be cancelled.

And finally - because we can't ignore these - two sets of links.  The first is TMZ reports that Brady and Gisele spent about $7,500 for Christmas Tree lights for their mansion in L.A. on Tuesday, which will be Red-White-and-blue.  

But that's not the story you'll probably care about.  However, to really get your attention, the Korea Herald has some revealing photos of Gisele changing in her car during a photo shoot down in St. Barts in the Caribbean.  Yes...she's not wearing any clothes, although anything you'll hope to see is blacked out.   These always seem to get clicked on the most, so I'm guessing this one definitely won't be any different.

That's it for this morning.  Hope all of you have a good day and we'll have more in a bit, including Grogan's Grade, and Russ Goldman has 5-Questions with Dan Leberfield - who was the guy who originally broke the first 'SpyGate' story.  Both will be available later this afternoon.