Patriots Pryor Fined $7,500 for hit on Favre

Ian Logue
November 05, 2010 at 02:37pm ET

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Adam Schefter reported on Friday that defensive lineman Myron Pryor has been fined $7,500 for his hit during the fourth quarter of Sunday's win over the Vikings on Brett Favre.

On the play, Pryor's helmet slid up as he impacted Favre's chest, striking the QB in the bottom of his chin.  Pryor wasn't penalized for the hit on the field, and after reviewing the play most felt it was a legal hit and that the injury to Favre was just a result of "incidental contact".

Obviously the league office felt differently.  It's a moderately hefty amount for Pryor because as Jeff Howe of points out, his salary for this season is $395,000, so it's about one third of his game check.

The hit resulted in 10-stiches for Favre's chin and sidelined him for the remainder of the contest.  Pryor later told the Boston Herald that he never intended to injure Favre, and didn't realize that he had hit the veteran QB that hard.

"You don't mean to hurt somebody," said Pryor. "And when it happened, I didn't think I hit him hard enough to make him [injured]. But maybe just from the impact going to the ground and from me laying on top of him, that's what made the chin messed up." 

Pryor and the Patriots will be in Cleveland this Sunday to take on the Browns.