Sunday Patriots Headlines For October 10th

Ian Logue
October 10, 2010 at 09:51am ET

Patriots’ Malcolm Mitchell happy with rehab progress
Free agent WR Eric Decker says he would be 'good fit' with Patriots
Man charged with robbing Gronkowski's home arraigned
Buckley: What will Tom Brady do when he retires from football?
Tom Brady teases with Instagram comment

After a trip around the internet there are plenty of good articles available this morning as the Patriots will enjoy a day off while the rest of the league plays football.

Mike Reiss of has some quick thoughts on the Patriots, as well as some of the teams in the NFL on this Sunday morning.

Mike Cole of wonders if the early bye week will help, or potentially hurt the Patriots heading into the final 12 games of the regular season.

Comcast Sports New England's Gary Tanguay spoke to an NFL source who's reportedly been in the league 25-years who feels the Patriots won't let Logan Mankins "shoot his way out of town."  The reason is because Randy Moss already did that, and they feel letting two players do it over the course of the same season "sets a bad precedent".

Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England reported yesterday that the Patriots interest in Vincent Jackson was limited to say the least, and that discussions "never got off the ground".  Curran writes that Jackson's "checkered past" (which includes to DUI arrests) is the reason why the Patriots are reluctant to make a move to acquire him, especially considering it would mean giving up a 1st & 2nd round draft choice.

The Denver Post has a good piece this morning on the Gronkowski family, with an interview with Dan Gronkowksi.  He's the brother of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, with the three brothers establishing "" - which is a pretty nice website featuring the three of them.  Dan talks about the difference between each of the three brothers in what is really a great interview.
"I think I'm the hardest worker," Dan told the Denver Post.  "I earn everything that I get. Just being here, right now. I'm a later- round draft pick — I fought my way in Detroit and am getting my opportunity now here. Where Rob, he's more of a natural athlete. He's just a freak, really. We say he's the best athlete. Chris is really smart, he really gets the game of football and that really helps him. My older brother, he keeps us all together, he's the family guy. And our younger brother, I think he has a little of all our qualities."

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe has an article this morning on a lot of the factors that built up to the eventual breaking point, which eventually resulted in Randy Moss being dealt to Minnesota.

Bob Ryan has an interesting column this morning on ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who is working on a book which discusses seven games that changed the course of the NFL.

Steve Buckley has a column this morning on Patriots wide receiver Brandon Tate.  Buckley writes that Doritos and buffalo wings were likely being spilled on the floor as fans were returning to their couch during the start of the second half last Monday night, as Tate took off for a 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.  He also writes that his former coaches couldn't be prouder, and they're pleased to see him doing well here in New England.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald spoke to Tom Brady's "passing guru" Tom Martinez, who feels that losing Moss will obviously impact Brady and the offense.  However, he points out that regardless of whatever changes the Patriots make going forward, Brady will be fine.
“I think he’ll be fine. He’s a perfectionist in what he demands of himself and the people around him,” Martinez said of Brady. “So whatever it is they do with the offense, he’s going to master it. But to me, if you want to get in a car race, it helps to have a Porsche, not a Volkswagen.”

Christopher Price of has more from Martinez, who feels that Tate is the only guy who can come close to Moss' speed.

Glen Farley of the Patriot Ledger has an article this morning on runningback BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who through four games is New England's leading rusher.  Green-Ellis says that he's just trying to make the most of his opportunities, and is happy with the increased workload.

Jeff Howe of writes that Danny Woodhead has made an impact so far here in New England, and has done a good job as a change of pace runningback since Kevin Faulk went down with a season-ending knee injury.

The out of Maryland has a column by Hal Grau, who writes that the Patriots showed a "team-first" mentality by dealing Moss this week, which has won him over and as a result he's now a New England fan.

And finally, want to win $500,000 toward the purchase of a new home?  RE/MAX is running  a contest that could potentially work out well for a lucky Patriots fan.  Fans can enter by writing about how the money would make an impact in their lives with a 500 word essay, and if New England breaks their record breaking season of 75 touchdowns which was set during the 2007, one fan will win the prize.   Through four games the Patriots have 17 touchdowns, and would need to average almost 5 per game for the rest of the season to break the mark.

That's it for this morning.  Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and we'll see you tomorrow.