Coming off of a tough loss, there’s no better way to get your confidence back than to beat up on a team you’ve had plenty of success against.

When they Patriots take on the Buffalo Bills¬†at Gillette Stadium this weekend, they’ll be looking to extend their winning streak against them to 14.¬† New England has won the last 13 straight against the Bills, with Tom Brady being responsible for 11 of them.¬† He probably would have won the other two in 2008 had he not missed the season with¬†his knee¬†injury, as Matt Cassell also went 2-0 that year against them.

Brady has also personally¬†had plenty of success against them over the years.¬† He’s completed¬†233-of-350 passes for 2,798 yards with 27 touchdowns, along with only six interceptions for a ¬†quarterback rating of 109.4.¬† His only loss was the¬†memorable 31-0 defeat following the release of Lawyer Milloy back in 2003, which followed with the famous “they hate their coach”¬†statement by ESPN’s Tom Jackson.

Brady told the media Wednesday that he’s glad they’ve¬†had success against them, but¬†he knows they’ll still be tough¬†when they visit Foxboro on Sunday.

“We really had our hands full with them last year and they’re playing really hard this year,” said Brady.¬†“Really, whatever happened in the past, it doesn’t have much bearing on what’s going to happen this week because they have different coaches, they have a different scheme. We’ve really never played this defensive coordinator before. So, I think as an offense, we’re trying to – as we always do – figure out what they’re doing and what they do well. Which, they do quite a few things well.”

“We expect a tough game as always. Hopefully we come out ahead.”