Bills May Be Just the Thing The Patriots Need

Ian Logue
September 23, 2010 at 10:06am ET

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Coming off of a tough loss, there's no better way to get your confidence back than to beat up on a team you've had plenty of success against.

When they Patriots take on the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium this weekend, they'll be looking to extend their winning streak against them to 14.  New England has won the last 13 straight against the Bills, with Tom Brady being responsible for 11 of them.  He probably would have won the other two in 2008 had he not missed the season with his knee injury, as Matt Cassell also went 2-0 that year against them.

Brady has also personally had plenty of success against them over the years.  He's completed 233-of-350 passes for 2,798 yards with 27 touchdowns, along with only six interceptions for a  quarterback rating of 109.4.  His only loss was the memorable 31-0 defeat following the release of Lawyer Milloy back in 2003, which followed with the famous "they hate their coach" statement by ESPN's Tom Jackson.

Brady told the media Wednesday that he's glad they've had success against them, but he knows they'll still be tough when they visit Foxboro on Sunday.

"We really had our hands full with them last year and they're playing really hard this year," said Brady. "Really, whatever happened in the past, it doesn't have much bearing on what's going to happen this week because they have different coaches, they have a different scheme. We've really never played this defensive coordinator before. So, I think as an offense, we're trying to - as we always do - figure out what they're doing and what they do well. Which, they do quite a few things well."

"We expect a tough game as always. Hopefully we come out ahead."