Here are some notes to point out after some of the mid-morning reports from earlier today.

  • Mike Reiss of points out that Ed Hochuli’s crew is calling today’s game between the Pats & Jets.¬† He was the referee for last week’s Colts-Texans game, and his group called a total of 12 accepted penalties.¬† That’s not good news for a Jets team that was¬†flagged 14-times Monday night against the Ravens and has already promised to be physical against the Patriots today.
  • One player to watch this afternoon is Jerricho Cotchery, who has¬†had some¬†solid games¬†against the Patriots. ¬†In 13 games against New England Cotchery has 46 catches for 745 yards along with five touchdowns.¬†
  • Defensively, a¬†guy who has given Tom Brady problems duing his days with the Dolphins will also be lining up against him today.¬† Linebacker¬†Jason Taylor has 12 sacks, three interceptions and four forced fumbles over his career¬†against the Patriots.
  • One thing worth noting is the fact that the tight ends for the Patriots will likely play a significant factor this afternoon against the Jets defense.¬† Ravens tight end Todd Heap had 6-catches for 72-yards against them last week.
  • Rob Gronkowski is 6’6″, which¬†gives him a height advantage over every player in the Jets defensive secondary, who average just under 6’0″.¬† The linebackers are a bit taller, but he’s still got a couple inches on each of them (they average 6’2″ – 6’3″) with¬†the exception¬†being Jason Taylor – who is also 6’6″.¬†
  • Rachel Nichols of ESPN reports that Rex Ryan told her that he’s told Jets¬†quarterback¬†Mark Sanchez “he doesn’t have to wait for the absolute perfect look downfield; throw deep more, check down less”.¬†
  • Nichols also reports Darrelle Revis told her that he doesn’t see hamstring being an issue today.¬† Revis says “he’s running ‘better’ after losing nearly 5 pounds on the strict diet the team’s had him on since he missed preseason”.

We’ll have more to come as we get closer to kickoff.