Jets CB Revis Expanding His Island

Ian Logue
September 19, 2010 at 10:59am ET

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When you have a guy who torches you for 192 yards on 15 catches in your last meeting against him, it appears Jets head coach Rex Ryan has decided to change who his best defensive back may be focusing on this afternoon.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets plan to have Darrelle Revis on Welker in certain down-and-distance situations, and according to the report on those plays Antonio Cromartie would cover Moss with some safety help.

The Daily News is infatuated with Ryan over this news, calling him a "schematic genius".
The Jets' head coach is a schematic genius, a master of disguise and deception wrapped in sound bites and one-liners. So, while he pushed the simple Revis vs. Moss agenda all week, the truth was that he was plotting something more complex to help slow down New England's high-powered offense.

Sources told the newspaper that on plays when Revis covers Welker, Cromartie will shadow Moss on the outside with safety help.  The interesting thing will be how New England counters, as they'll likely be moving people around while trying to create match-up problems for New York's defense.  Tom Brady is the master of recognizing one-on-one problems to exploit during his pre-snap reads, so we'll likely see a lot of people involved in the offense this afternoon.

Needless to say it's another chess move by the Jets to try and gain the upper hand.  We'll see how it works out later on.