Monday Patriots Headlines: September 13th

Ian Logue
September 13, 2010 at 07:03am ET

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It was quite a game yesterday at Gillette Stadium as the Patriots beat the Bengals 38-24 to start of the 2010 regular season with a win, and there are plenty of articles this morning on yesterday's game so let's get to today's headlines.

If you missed the game, the Boston Globe has the generic Associated Press game story recap which gives you a rundown of what happened during the game yesterday

Bob George writes that despite all the hype by Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, those two receivers were merely a footnote during yesterday's game.

Rich Garven of the Worcester Telegram looks at yesterday's game and writes that even the defense contributed to the victory.

Garven also writes that the unexpected kickoff return by Brandon Tate and the interception return by Gary Guyton were welcomed head coach Bill Belichick who called them "bonus points" after the game during his press conference. 

Christopher Price has the complete transcript of yesterday's postgame press conference from head coach Bill Belichick.

Monique Walker of the Boston Globe looks at the performance by the young defense, who she writes "looked like old pros" and played well yesterday.

Albert Breer of the Boston Globe has an article on Tom Brady, and feels that yesterday's performance proves why the Patriots just rewarded him with a new contract.

Frank Dell'Appa of the Globe writes that the Bengals weren't ready for Wes Welker, with the Patriots receiver scording twice during the game.

Jim Fenton of the Patriot Ledger writes that after battling back onto the field, Welker's learned to not taking anything for granted and is giving it everything he's got this year.

Mark Farinealla writes that yesterday's win caps off a crazy week for Brady after everything he went through.

Farinella also writes that the after the way they played yesterday the Patriots have made a statement to start the 2010 season, and the rest of the NFL had better pay attention.

Juliet Pennington of the Chronicle writes that while he may be a superstar quarterback on the field, Brady is just "daddy" to his 3-year old son Jack, and tells about a cute scene that took place between Brady and his little man after the game.

Pennington also spoke to some fans outside the stadium before yesterday's game, with one saying that "All is right in the world" now that football season is here.

Mark Farinella looks at Randy Moss' comments following yesterday's game where the receiver went looking for some appreciation during a 16-minute press conference that caught everyone off guard.

Walker of the Globe also has an article on Moss, who she writes couldn't be contained after the game as he addressed the media.

Dan Shaughnessy looks at yesterday's postgame rant by Moss and calls it one of the best meltdowns he's ever seen.

Shalise Manza Young of the Globe looks back at yesterday's game and writes that the Patriots were the ones who were tigers against the Bengals during their season opener.

A tragic scene took place prior to the game yesterday, with a man who was said to be in his 40's collapsing at his seat while at the game with his young child.  He was taken off in an ambulance and unfortunately Pennington reports that he passed away from a heart attack.

Christopher Price of has "10 Things We Learned From Yesterday's Game", including Welker's amazing return where he scored two touchdowns and is putting the first football he caught in the endzone somewhere special as it signifies the culmination of the long road he faced back to the football field.

There had been plenty of trash-talking between Chad Ochocinco and Darius Butler during the week, and after Butler played him pretty close during the game Ochocinco gave him credit when it was over.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has his take on the ESPN report by Adam Schefter where Logan Mankins reportedly balked at owner Robert Kraft's request for a public apology for his public comments questioning the owner's integrity and his trade demands earlier this year.

Rapoport also points out that even in Mankins absence the offensive line gave Brady pelnty of time during their win over the Bengals.

Rapoport also writes that after yesterday's performance the Patriots "look like new", and after the way the season ended last year fans have  a reason to be optimistic.

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald looks at how the defense played yesterday, pointing out that despite giving up 21 second half points was still pleased with how things turned out.

Dan Ventura of the Herald writes that yesterday's game was a thrilling end to quite a week for Brady.

Karen Guregian writes that despite giving up 21 points in the second half, Brady and the Patriots offense finished strong and didn't let the game get close which was a good sign during the win.

Tim Wiesberg of has "Five things We Learned Yesterday", which includes the fact that he feels the young defense can handle whatever comes their way this season.

That's it for this morning.  Hope everyone has a good morning and we've got plenty more to come later on so be sure and check back frequently.